Friday, May 15, 2020


Inspired by DC Comics' 1970s 100-Page Super SpectacularsSpectacular Comics 100-Page Special is a monthly series of fabricated 100-page comic books slapped together from various sources, celebrating comics from the '30s to the '80s. It's not real. But it is Spectacular.

Welcome to the second monthly edition of Spectacular Comics, and it's a good one. We begin with a very nice 1975 Justice League Of America story, written by the late Martin Pasko. News of Pasko's passing broke the very day I was assembling this issue, but the JLA story would have probably been included anyway; it's a nice JLA Casebook story about when the members of the League decided to reveal their secret identities to their fellow Leaguers. I don't think it's ever been reprinted, and it's overdue.

Next, we venture over to Charlton Comics, and an adventure starring Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton's wonderful creation E-Man. This may have been the first issue of E-Man that I ever read, introducing me to a character I would come to love in short order. We follow that with a 1980 story starring Plastic Man, E-Man's most obvious inspiration. The Plas tale was written by Pasko and drawn by Staton, and was published after their earlier collaboration on DC's Metal Men and before their work together on First Comics' revived E-Man title in the '80s. I would very much like to see a book collection of DC's Silver and Bronze Age Plastic Man stories, and a series of books reprinting the complete E-Man.

We fill out the issue with a 1967 Marvel Comics entry starring Daredevil, written by Stan Lee with art by Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia, some 1949 Quality Comics cheesecake with Torchy, Fawcett Comics' original Captain Marvel from 1950, then back to DC to close with the World's Finest Comics team of Superman, Batman, and Robin from 1963.

The Justice League of America in "The Great Identity Crisis!," Justice League Of America # 122 (September 1975)
E-Man in "TV Man," E-Man # 7 (March 1975)
Plastic Man in "Codename: Pink Eye!," Adventure Comics # 469 (March 1980)
Daredevil in "Enter: The Leap-Frog!," Daredevil # 25 (February 1967)
Torchy (untitled), Torchy # 1 (November 1949)
"Captain Marvel and The Strange Settlers," Whiz Comics # 119 (March 1950)
Superman, Batman and Robin in "Menace Of The Future Man," World's Finest Comics # 135 (August 1963)

The Justice League of America, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Superman, Batman, and Robin are all copyright DC Comics Inc., E-Man is copyright Joe Staton/1FirstComics Inc., Daredevil is copyright Marvel, and Torchy is copyright the respective owner. The Torchy and Captain Marvel stories are public domain; the rest can only be shown here in sample pages. My patrons get to see the whole book. Spectacular Comics will return in about one month. Stay safe, true believers.


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