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Well, this one just hypes itself. New music from THE TEST PRESSINGSRICHARD TURGEON, THE GRIP WEEDS, NICK FRATER, L.A. MOOD, KINGDOM OF MUSTANG, and THE JUNIOR LEAGUE, gettin' all friendly-like with stuff we already adore, courtesy of THE BROTHERS STEVE, THE FLASHCUBES, TAVARES, ELVIS COSTELLO, THE COASTERS, SHOESSWEET, THE MOTORS, THE FOUR TOPS, RONNIE SPECTOR, AMY RIGBY, POP CO-OP, THE MUFFS, THE MONKEESTHE BABLERS, and our fanatical dedication to MORE!! AND we'll throw in THREE fine tracks from our own forthcoming compilation CD THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO, VOLUME 5Hell, no one will even notice when we slip MADONNA into the mix. Heed the hype. Get into the groove. Sunday night, 9 to Midnight Eastern, on the air in Syracuse at SPARK! WSPJ 103.3 and 93.7 FM, on the web at, and via the TuneIn Radio and Radio Garden apps as Westcott Radio.

Saturday, July 30, 2022


Each week, the pop culture website Pop-A-Looza shares some posts from my vast 'n' captivating Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do) archives. The latest shared post is an Unfinished And Abandoned look at some pop compilations I sort of almost slapped together for a record label in the '90s. 

At the moment, Dana and I are trying to put the finishing touches on an actual rockin' pop compilation CD: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 5, due (we hope!) in September from our friends at Kool Kat Musik. Kurt Reil has completed the master at his mighty House Of Vibes studio, it sounds freakin' amazing, and we can't wait for it to become available. Here's the line-up for This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 5:


3. THE MAYFLOWERS: Sunflower Girl
4. PERILOUS: Rock & Roll Kiss
5. POP CO-OP: Extra Beat In My Heart
7. HOOVER AND MARTINEZ: What The Heart Wants
8. CAROLYNE MAS: In The Rain
9. JEFF SHELTON: See On The Radio! [TIRnRR ID]
10. DEADLIGHTS: Pretend To Pretend
11. IRENE PEÑA: In This Room
12. CHRIS VON SNEIDERN: Goodnight Sailor
13. ARIELLE EDEN: Sagittarius
17. KID GULLIVER: Forget About Him
18. GARY FRENAY: Just Like Me
19. KELLEY RYAN: The Church Of Laundry
20. VINCE MELOUNEY: A Bee Gee's Benediction [TIRnRR ID]
21. TALL POPPY SYNDROME: Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)
22. IN DEED: Peace & Quiet
24. THE VILLAS: Someone To Hold On To
25. RICH FIRESTONE: Seltaeb's Revenge [TIRnRR ID]
26. AMY RIGBY: Tom Petty Karaoke
27. EYTAN MIRSKY: This Year's Gonna Be Our Year

This compilation © 2022 Dana Bonn and Carl Cafarelli
Individual tracks © the respective owners
Produced by Dana Bonn and Carl Cafarelli
Mastered by Kurt Reil at House Of Vibes, Highland Park, New Jersey
A KOOL KAT MUSIK RELEASE, and proud of it!

The set's liner notes are almost done. If all goes well, well, all will go well. Meanwhile, a bunch of proposed compilations that never did see the light of day provide fodder for the latest Boppin' Pop-A-Looza.

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Once a month--on just one short, sweet, all-too-brief day--Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do) hits a quick pause in its certifiably dumbass commitment to daily public posting. On that day, we instead prepare a private post intended only for our beloved paid patrons. 

Yes, both of them.

Yeah, the state of this blog's paid patronage is pathetic. BUT! The paid patrons, God love 'em,  are still getting to read something you can't see yet. This month, that something is a chapter from my long-threatened book The Greatest Record Ever Made! (Volume 1), casting its brilliant GREM! spotlight on "It's About Time" by the Pandoras.

Management informs me that regular daily public posting resumes here tomorrow. Razzafrazzin' management. The Pandoras post will be distributed to patrons on Monday, August 1st. You can join their proud ranks, AND read all about the Pandoras' entry in the ongoing saga of The Greatest Record Ever Made!, by becoming a patron: Fund me, baby! Really, isn't it about time?

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10 SONGS: 7/28/2022

10 Songs is a weekly list of ten songs that happen to be on my mind at the moment. The lists are usually dominated by songs played on the previous Sunday night's edition of This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl. The idea was inspired by Don Valentine of the essential blog I Don't Hear A Single.

This week's edition of 10 Songs draws exclusively from the playlist for This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio # 1139.


I am not putting a picture of K** K********* on my blog. No way. No how.

But we will play this new song about she-who-will-not-be-named (or at least she who's not named beyond noting this track's title). I mean, ya can't go wrong playing Jamie Hoover, Jamie can't go wrong enlisting assistance from Michael Ruiz and Elena Rogers, and we all do right by supporting Pop Aid, the 3-CD Ukraine benefit compilation where you'll find this track. I betcha even K** K********* herself would approve. Hell, I don't know her; maybe she's swell at heart, and has been judged unfairly by pop culture at large. It's possible that K** really isn't as bad as her empty, famous-for-being-famous image implies.

Still not putting a picture of her on my blog, though.

HONEY CONE: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Part 1)

From a previous 10 Songs entry about Honey Cone's biggest hit "Want Ads:" 

"Bubblesoul. Honey Cone's 1971 # 1 smash 'Want Ads' is one of the definitive examples of that late '60s/early '70s hybrid of pure, bouncy AM radio sugar performed by black artists. Think early Jackson Five and Freda Payne's 'Band Of Gold,' or the shoulda-been-hit-singles by Josie and the Pussycats (with the incredible Patrice Holloway on lead vocals) as reference points. 'Bubblesoul.' Nothing else describes it better, except maybe YEAH!"

The visceral appeal of "Want Ads"--WANTED! YOUNG MAN, SINGLE AND FREE!--is undeniable; if Plato had returned in the 1970s to apply his concept of forms to my concept of bubblesoul, he'da proclaimed "Want Ads" as form-ready bubblesoul. That Plato--he was something. 

For all that, though, I may still prefer Honey Cone's # 15 hit "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show," also from 1971. When Honey Cone's lead singer Edna Wright died in 2020, I wrote this about the latter song:

"I don't know if pundits consider bubblesoul to be a proper sub-genre. Unlike power pop, I do think bubblesoul is tied to a specific timeframe: late '60s/early '70s, AM radio music, performed (mostly) by black artists but with an unabashed ambition for crossover success...

"...Honey Cone's lead singer Edna Wright passed away recently. We played the group's biggest hit 'Want Ads' not long ago, and we chose to pay tribute to Wright this week with a spin of the lesser hit 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show,' an effervescent number with both bubble and soul to spare."

The show must go on! And I still owe myself a deeper dive into the Honey Cone catalog.

HAYLEY MARY: Like A Woman Should

As I've mentioned here a time or several (hundred), many of my playlist selections are inspired by whatever random tracks my iPod shuffles through during my daily commutes. Music in the car, man; you can't beat music in the car. Hayley Mary's absolutely awesome 2020 single "Like A Woman Should" was first suggested to us by intrepid TIRnRR listener Dave Murray late last year, and I believe it made its way to our show just once, on 11/14/2021. Even though I adored the track on first spin, the combined distractions of time, choice, and short attention span prevented its return to the ol' playlist until now.

I know I drone on at length about my long-threatened book The Greatest Record Ever Made! (Volume 1). I'd apologize for that...but I'm not gonna. One should not regret enthusiasm, and GREM! is built almost entirely from my own giddy enthusiasm for rockin' pop music. My enthusiasm for Hayley Mary's "Like A Woman Should" was sufficient to make me consider adding a chapter about the song in my book. That would have made it the most recent track discussed there; Eytan Mirsky's 2012 "This Year's Gonna Be Our Year" and First Aid Kit's 2014 "America" are otherwise the newest things included. 

Even though I elected not to include Hayley Mary in the GREM! book, by God, it certainly qualifies. An infinite number of tracks can each be THE greatest record ever made, as long as they take turns. Give Hayley Mary one of those infinite turns. Credit Dave Murray for bringing this wonderful record to our attention. And thank my iPod for getting it back on the TIRnRR playlist, where it also belongs. Thanks, iPod. Another job well done.

NICK FRATER: Stuck In My Ways

PREVIOUSLY ON THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO WITH DANA & CARL: On last week's pulse-poundin' episode, we debuted "The Love Songs Of Simon Love," the non-album virtual B-side from the new Nick Frater single "Dancing With A Gertrude." Our promise to follow that with more new Nick Frater music on this week's show may have led you to believe we were finally going to play "Dancing With A Gertrude." Reasonable expectation, right? 

But NO! Plot twist! With Nick's new album Aerodrome Motel now available for preorder from our friends at Big Stir Records, we circled around dear Gertrude and went straight for an album track instead. We did this because...look, I have no idea why we do anything. We're just here to play records. "Stuck In My Ways" sounds like a single, too, so it was a natural fit for whatever the hell it is we do on TIRnRR

With that said, we're not necessarily all that stuck in our ways. Worry not, Gertrude; you're on our dance card for next week. And we hear you cut a really mean rug. Stay tuned.

DOLENZ, JONES, BOYCE & HART: It Always Hurts The Most In The Morning

To fans of the Monkees, the folks at London's 7a Records label are the good guys, heroes rescuing lost, forgotten, out-of-print, and otherwise unavailable solo projects by Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith. 7a was also the home to Dolenz's fabulous 2021 album Dolenz Sings Nesmith (and its 2022 EP sequel). MonkeeMen, AWAY!

And now, 7a has given us this new 2-CD set Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, preserving the entire officially-released works of the mid-'70s partnership of Micky and Davy with Monkees songwriters and producers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, combining the guys who sang 'em and the guys who wrote 'em. The 7a package includes the group's eponymous 1976 album and the subsequent live document Concert In Japan. The latter serves up on-stage performances of various Monkees classics, Boyce and Hart's own hit "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight," and a medley of Boyce and/or Hart songs that were hits for other artists.

The Concert In Japan disc also gives us live renditions of four songs from the DJB&H studio album. And honestly, the studio album is the main reason I bought this package. It's not that the album itself is the equal of the Monkees' best material--it is not--but it's an essential almost, the closest thing to a Monkees reunion album after the group's 1970 farewell Changes (which was just Micky and Davy by then) and until 1987's Micky-Davy-Peter effort Pool It! The 1996 all-four-Monkees album Justus included the Monkees' remake of the DJB&H track "You And I." Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart ain't exactly Headquarters or Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd., but it has its moments, and I'm delighted that it's available again.

I have my original copies of both DJB&H LPs, but I'm generally more likely to play the studio stuff. Having it all on CD makes it easier to program into TIRnRR playlists. We've played the album's single "I Remember The Feeling" a time or three in the past, and we've played the "Steppin' Stone"-inspired LP cut "You Didn't Feel That Way Last Night (Don't You Remember)" more than a few times. This week, armed with my copy of 7a's new double-disc edition of Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, we played "It Always Hurts The Most In The Morning." And what the hell, we'll get to one of the live tracks next week. We appreciate the efforts of our heroes. To the good guys at 7a: we Monkees fans thank you for your service.

THE VILLAS: Someone To Hold On To

Aw, this is such a nice little pop song. We've been playing Allentown, PA's phenomenal pop combo the Villas since their debut album Secrets in 2000, with a particular emphasis on its irresistible track "Pull You Back." Along the way, I became especially taken with "Someone To Hold On To," this as-yet-unreleased gem produced by the legendary Ed Stasium and featuring alternating lead vocals from Bill and Angie Villa. Goosebumps! When it was time to start slappin' together our own forthcoming Kool Kat Musik compilation CD This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 5, the Villas' "Someone To Hold On To" was an automatic selection. Bringing this fine song to retail is our public service. Hold on to it.

THE FLASHCUBES: Christi Girl [live at the Firebarn, May 26 1979]

This week's playlist commentary detailed my history with the Flashcubes' first single "Christi Girl" in 1978, and pounded the console on behalf of this great new Big Stir single of "Christi Girl," recorded live at my favorite Syracuse nightclub in 1979. Today's "Christi Girl" entry in 10 Songs serves as another urgent reminder to buy the damned single awready. If you never had the honor of witnessing the Flashcubes perform, this single (and the Flashcubes On Fire album from which it's taken) offer you a next-best chance to compensate. And if you were there, this is a souvenir you should not resist.


As the pop world mourns the loss of Off Broadway USA singer Cliff Johnson, I recall that I came to his group's wonderful body of work well after the fact. Off Broadway's debut album On was released in 1979, but I don't think I had even heard of them prior to the early '90s. If memory serves (as it occasionally does), I first heard of the group via a Goldmine reader named Anthony Gliozzo, who enjoyed my 1993 GM piece about the Flamin' Groovies and attendant interview with the Groovies' Cyril Jordan. Anthony got in touch with me, and we talked about pop music. His enthusiastic recommendation of Off Broadway provided my first conscious awareness of the group.

That same year, Off Broadway's "Stay In Time" was included on Shake It Up!, the second of two American power pop compilations in Rhino Records' superswell DIY series; its companion volume Come Out And Play provided the Flashcubes' first-ever appearance on CD. A spin of "Stay In Time" confirmed that Mr. Gliozzo was justified in his praise of Off Broadway USA, and I dutifully tracked down On and its 1980 follow-up Quick Turns.

Before forming Off Broadway, Cliff Johnson had been a member of the mighty Pezband, though he left that group before their 1977 debut album; Pezband bassist Mike Gorman joined Off Broadway in time for Quick Turns, and Pezband's frontman Mimi Betinis pitched in for 1997's Fallin' In, Off Broadway's third and final studio album.

Fallin' In is a very good album, and we'll hear one of its tracks on next week's show. But this week, as we remember the life and work of Cliff Johnson, we play Off Broadway's signature tune from '79, the hit that almost was, peaking at # 51 on the Hot 100. Shoulda been Top Ten. Stay in time, boy, don't get out of line, boy. Rest in peace, Cliff. Now and forever: it's On.

LITTLE RICHARD: The Girl Can't Help It

The Greatest Record Ever Made!

THE MONKEES: Birth Of An Accidental Hipster

This week's show was already programmed and prerecorded well before the news broke that director and producer Bob Rafelson had passed. Beyond Rafelson's accomplishment in the world of film, he really looms largest in TIRnRR's legend as the co-creator (with Bert Schneider) of The Monkees.

Some may consider The Monkees a footnote in Rafelson's long and celebrated career, a novelty worthy of passing note in charting his path to direct, write, and/or produce Easy RiderFive Easy Pieces, and The Last Picture Show, among others. But the Monkees--the TV show, the band, the brand, all of it--impacted me to a degree that far exceeds my ability to measure it. Like my friend Rich Firestone says, the Monkees have been good to me. And the Monkees wouldn't have happened if the Raybert duo of Rafelson and Schneider didn't create them.

We play the Monkees pretty often on TIRnRR. They're one of our all-time most-played acts, and the stack of TIRnRR playlists that include at least one Monkees track is way, way taller than the stack of Monkees-free TIRnRR playlists. 

I dig the unintended Oh, but of course...! that the Monkees track we played the night after Bob Rafelson died was "Birth Of An Accidental Hipster." Not that there was anything accidental (nor remotely--ugh--hipster) about Rafelson himself; he seemed to always know what he was doing, or if he didn't know, he could figure out what to do next. But I do believe the Monkees' prevailing relevance, decades after the fact, surpassed Bert and Bob's expectations. From the Monkees' triumphant 2016 album Good Times!, "Birth Of An Accidental Hipster" had nothing whatsoever to do with Raybert. But it was nonetheless part of the end result of the maverick creative fire they sparked so many years ago. High on a roof top, singing a song, choirs of angels all sing along. Accidents will happen. Brilliance is deliberate. And here it comes, walkin' down the street. Godspeed, Raybert.

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Each week, the pop culture website Pop-A-Looza shares some posts from my vast 'n' captivating Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do) archives. The latest shared post is a look back at my notes for a proposed CD compilation to accompany the 2001 book Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth.

As we discussed here, all of this bubblegum stuff came in the aftermath of my informal history of bubblegum music, which was published in Goldmine in 1997 and subsequently edited to a shorter form for its inclusion in Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth. The bubblegum compilation ideas discussed in today's shared post took place after the unrelated bubblegum compilation proposal we chatted about last week.

A near-future shared post will recount one more adventure in trying (and failing) to compile various-artists pop CDs. Today, the aborted audio companion for Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth is the latest Boppin' Pop-A-Looza.

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This expansion of an earlier, unrelated piece was prepared for my long-threatened book The Greatest Record Ever Made! (Volume 1). It remains in two of the book's six current potential drafts.

An infinite number of tracks can each be THE greatest record ever made, as long as they take turns. Today, this is THE GREATEST RECORD EVER MADE!

THE DANDY WARHOLS: We Used To Be Friends
Written by Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Grant Nicholas, and Bjorn Thorsrud
Produced by Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Nick Rhodes
Single from the album Welcome To The Monkey House, Capitol Records, 2003

A long time ago
We used to be friends
But I haven't thought of you lately at all

My awareness of the Dandy Warhols has always been peripheral at best. I have to admit my main interest in the group's work comes through "We Used To Be Friends," a Dandy Warhols track used as the theme song for the television series Veronica Mars.

I came to Veronica Mars years after its network TV run, binge-watching it obsessively on-line. It became one of my all-time favorite shows, its potent stew of teen alienation, betrayal, and pulp noir annexing my rapt attention and devotion. And its theme song cast me back to memories of bonds severed, trusts discarded, bridges burned, a long time ago.

Many years ago, I had a friend whom I'll refer to here as Julie. If you've known me for a very long time, and you think you know who Julie really is, you're probably wrong, unless you happen to be right. Julie's true identity isn't the point. 

Julie was one of my best friends. We had similar tastes in music, and generally had a good time around each other, times of camaraderie and youthful exuberance. Julie could be moody at times, subject to the familiar, warring emotions of depression and delight. In spite of that, I don't recall Julie and I ever really having an argument or a fight, none that my consciousness can call forth all these decades later.

Until we did have a fight. And we came to a definite parting of the ways.

It happens, even among friends, even among best friends. Look at Lennon and McCartney. Hell, look at Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. There was regret on both sides, I think, but there was no chance of reconciliation. We said goodbye. There may have been tears--there were tears--and we have not seen each other since. Decades have passed. We will likely never see each other again, and likely never have any further communication. I don't wish to discuss the details. Like the song says: we used to be friends, a long time ago.

We did speak one time after that. For the sake of closure, I called Julie on the phone one night. Julie had been drinking, and Julie was surprised to hear from me. It was a pleasant call nonetheless, or at least it was as pleasant as a farewell phone call can be. Closure. One side can't undo, one side can't forgive, and neither side can forget. We will never speak again. At this point, I don't want to anymore.

I remember better times. I wrote this passage a long time ago, well before I'd heard or heard of the Dandy Warhols, inspired by my memories of Julie, and of a few other close friends who used to be integral parts of my life; I lost all of them along the way. It happens. It hurts, but it happens. These words I wrote linger in my memory: 

Sometimes in my dreams, we still talk to each other
Although in real life I know we're done with one another
I don't think I'd want you to return
I'd just feel better if I could learn
What became of you
Because I remember you

Maybe we're not meant to get over the things that still haunt us, decades after it was too late to do anything about them. We bleed, we mend, we move on; the scar lingers. Guilt lingers. Regret lingers. But sometimes the glow of better times can linger, too.

Godspeed, Julie. I don't think I'd want you to return. I wish you well, wherever you are. But I haven't thought of you lately at all. That line's a lie. One thing remains true, and the Dandy Warhols wrote a song about their version of it. Bring it on now sugar. Just remember me when. A long time ago, we used to be... know.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio # 1139

Barring the use of a time machine, I did not envision a set of circumstances where we would be debuting a brand new single of "Christi Girl" by the Flashcubes.

"Christi Girl" was the Flashcubes' first single. Prior to its release in 1978, I haunted Gerber Music in North Syracuse, badgering clerks there nearly every day about when the damned thing would be available for me to buy. They had an advance promo copy of the 45 at the store, and they indulged me by playing it on the store's stereo, and then instructing me to go away and come back when it's actually released, ya pesky kid.

And I did. a few more stops at Gerber in the interim, asking that musical question, "Is it in yet? Is it in yet? Is it in yet...?"

The Flashcubes only released two singles--"Christi Girl" and "Wait Till Next Week"--during their original late '70s lifespan. We played both of those, as well as all of the Flashcubes' (mostly digital) 21st century singles as part of our classic power pop special a few weeks back. We like playing the Flashcubes, and we're gonna keep playing each new Cubic release as we accumulate them.

And now, as part of Big Stir Records' current ongoing series of new digital singles by the Flashcubes, "Christi Girl" is a new single again. This time, it's heard as a live performance at The Firebarn in Syracuse, May 26th of 1979, as preserved on the recent essential archival in-concert release Flashcubes On Fire. Whether the 1978 studio version or this freshly-issued and irresistible live take, "Christi Girl" still grants us access to a special place where nobody else can go.

"Christi Girl." The new single from the Flashcubes. All things to those who wait. Is it in yet? Yeah, kid: here it is. And this is what rock 'n' roll radio sounded like on a Sunday night in Syracuse this week.

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TIRnRR # 1139: 7/24/2022
TIRnRR FRESH SPINS! Tracks we think we ain't played before are listed in bold

THE RAMONES: Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (Rhino, End Of The Century)
JAMIE HOOVER [with Michael Ruiz & Elena Rogers]: Kim Kardashian (Kool Kat Musik, VA: Pop Aid)
KELLEY RYAN: The Church Of Laundry (Kool Kat Musik, VA: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 5)
HONEY CONE: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Part  1) (Varese Sarabande, VA: Soulful Pop)
BIG STAR: In The Street [alternate mix] (Rhino, Keep An Eye On The Sky)
HAYLEY MARY: Like A Woman Should (Universal, The Piss, The Perfume)
BILL LLOYD: Lisa Anne (Whole-In-One, Feeling The Elephant)
NICK FRATER: Stuck In My Ways (Big Stir, Aerodrome Motel)
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD: Burned (Rhino, Buffalo Springfield)
THE MONKEES: We'll Be Back In A Minute (Rhino, Missing Links, Vol. 3)
DOLENZ, JONES, BOYCE & HART: It Always Hurts The Most In The Morning (7a, Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart)
THE BEVIS FROND: Find The Mole (Fire, Little Eden)
CHUCK BERRY: Jamaica Farewell (Universal, Chuck Berry In London)
CHEWY MARBLE: The Things You Do (Parasol, VA: Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To Shoes)
MIKE BROWNING: If I Could Only Look In Your Heart (n/a, Another Bite At The Apple)
THE CHECKERED HEARTS: They Don't Know (Die Laughing, Joystick)
ELVIS PRESLEY: Marie's The Name (His Latest Flame) (RCA, The Top Ten Hits)
BIG COUNTRY: Prairie Rose (Spectrum, Wonderland)
JOHNATHAN PUSHKAR: Love And Thunder (Jem, single)
THE CLICK BEETLES: If Not Now Then When (Futureman, Pop Fossil)
THE VILLAS: Someone To Hold On To (Kool Kat Musik, VA: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 5)
BILLY OCEAN: L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) (Varese Sarabande, VA: Soulful Pop)
THE DAHLMANNS: Shake Me Up Tonight (Pop Detective, All Dahled Up)
BARRY HOLDSHIP: It's Only Make Believe (Pop Garden Radio, VA: Sing Me A Song)
DANA GILLESPIE: Andy Warhol [1971 promo version] (Cherry Red, What Memories We Make)
GYMNASIUM: Karen Black (Red On Red, Hansen's Pop 'n' Rock '22)
DANNY WILKERSON: Let It Go Tonight (SpyderPop/Big Stir, Wilkerson)
PAYOLA$: Eyes Of Stranger (Rhino, VA: Valley Girl: Music From The Soundtrack)
DAVID BOWIE: Hang On To Yourself (Virgin, Bowie At The Beeb)
TIGER BOMB: Rave On Again (Dionysus, single)
DR. FEELGOOD: Roxette (Rhino, I'm A Man)
THE FLASHCUBES: Christi Girl [Live At The Firebarn, May 26 1979] (Big Stir, single)
THE BEAT: Let Me Into Your Life (Wagon Wheel, The Beat)
OFF BROADWAY USA: Stay In Time (Atlantic, On)
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS: Do Anything You Wanna Do (
CHEAP TRICK: I Want You To Want Me (Epic, The Essential Cheap Trick)
THE ENGLISH BEAT: Save It For Later (Shout Factory, Keep The Beat)
LITTLE RICHARD: The Girl Can't Help It (Specialty, The Georgia Peach)
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: T For Texas (Warner Brothers, Walk Right Back)
EYTAN MIRSKY: Watching From The Balcony (M-Squared, Lord, Have Mirsky!)
FIREKING: So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Blueberry Pie, Double Trouble)
HAYLEY & THE CRUSHERS: Angelyne (Rum Bar, Fun Sized)
THE FLATMATES: I Could Be In Heaven (Cherry Red, Potpourri)
THE HANDCUFFS: I'm Happy Just To Dream With You (Pravda, Burn The Rails)
THE PRIMITIVES: I'll Stick With You [single version] (Cherry Red, Lovely)
THE STAYAWAKES: Song For Milhous (Kool Kat Musik, VA: Pop Aid)
SUBURBAN LAWNS: Gidget Goes To Hell (Suburban Industrial, single)
PHIL YATES & THE AFFILIATES: I Can't Wait (Futureman, A Thin Thread)
THE KINKS: Who'll Be The Next In Line (Castle, The Ultimate Collection)
LISA MYCHOLS & SUPER 8: I Can't Explain (Jem, VA: Jem Records Celebrates Pete Townshend)
CILLA BLACK: Love Of The Loved (Parlophone, Cilla)
KEN SHARP: Dancin' In The Moonlight (Pop Garden Radio, VA: Sing Me A Song)
THE FLESHTONES: American Beat '84 (Raven, It's Super Rock Time!)
THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Nobody But Me (Varese Sarabande, Shake It Up, Baby)
WE'VE GOT A FUZZBOX AND WE'RE GONNA USE IT!!: Wait And See (Cherry Red, Bostin' Steve Austin)
THE MONKEES: Birth Of An Accidental Hipster (Rhino, Good Times!)
THE GRIP WEEDS: Lady Friend (Jem, DiG)
THE RAMONES: Carbona Not Glue (Rhino, Leave Home)
GENERAL JOHNSON & JOEY RAMONE: Rockaway Beach (On The Beach) (Forward, VA: Godchildren Of Soul)
THE ROLLING STONES: Not Fade Away (Abkco, Singles Collection)