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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Captain Marvel (M. F. Enterprises) # 3

Captain Marvel Fights THE BAT! Well, of course he does!

Here's the third issue of M. F. Enterprises' Captain Marvel, the short-lived attempt to capitalize on interest in superheroes in the wake of the Batman TV series in 1966. As noted previously, this Captain Marvel by Carl Burgos, creator of the original Human Torch, shares only its name with the SHAZAM!-shouting original Captain Marvel, and predates Marvel Comics' own scavenging and trademarking the name for its own Captain Marvel characters.

Given the Batmania that inspired all of this, it was a natural idea for our Deconstructable Defender to encounter a bat-themed...something. I recall seeing a suggestion somewhere that DC Comics may have objected to M. F.'s use of a Bat character, but I really don't see anything actionable here (as opposed to previous issues, with familiar names like Plastic Man and Dr. Fate). Nonetheless, when this bat-winged felon reappeared in Captain Marvel # 4, he was re-named as The Ray. Holy evasion!

(And Batman does make an appearance here, in the form of an ad for a [probably unlicensed] Batman & Robin Fan Club.)

M. F. Enterprises' Captain Marvel is likely an orphaned property, but we'll presume it's copyright the respective owner, and presented here as fair use. We've already seen Captain Marvel # 1 and Captain Marvel # 2. SPLIT! It's time to take the next-to-last train to Splitsville for M.F. Enterprises' Captain Marvel # 3.


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