Wednesday, November 14, 2018

100-Page FAKES! presents: SUB-MARINER # 72 [A DC-Marvel hybrid]

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

The passing of Stan Lee turns this feature's DC-centric focus temporarily to Marvel Comics for a couple of entries, with maybe a third one to follow.

I love comic book superheroes. When I was maybe twelve, thirteen, or fourteen--coincidentally the time-frame of the original 100-Page Super Spectaculars in the early '70s--I decided that DC was my main interest. But I usually bought and enjoyed Marvels as well. I may have even favored Marvel when I was a little younger than that. I've written more about DC, but I've also written here of my affection for the house that Stan and Jack Kirby built: a reminiscence of my introduction to Marvel Comics, The Avengers, Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch, Not Brand Echh, Marvel Super-Heroes # 12-20, my Marvel Comics try-out, and my letter to Invincible Iron Man, among others.

For this pair of Marvel Comics 100-Page FAKES!, we'll dispense with any pretense of retro-fitting reality. These comics would not have been published in any plausible real-world scenario. Let's have fun anyway.

Today's entry is a DC-Marvel hybrid, expanding Marvel's 1974 comic Sub-Mariner # 72 with two DC reprints and three Marvel reprints. The "new" story is "From The Void It Came," a Sub-Mariner adventure written by Steve Skeates, who had also written Aquaman for DC from 1968 to 1971. His Sub-Mariner story is an indirect, unofficial sequel to his final Aquaman story, 1971's "The Creature That Devoured Detroit!" So it makes sense to include that one here.

It seems like a 100-page issue of Sub-Mariner should contain some more Sub-Mariner, so we'll add Prince Namor's 1968 clash with the Kree warrior called Captain Marvel and a 1955 tale of the young Namor. For DC content with a vague Marvel connection, we have The Batman visiting Rutland, Vermont's 1971 Halloween celebration, full of partiers dressed as various characters from both companies. "Night Of The Reaper!" is one of the all-time classic Batman stories, recently reprinted in the Walmart exclusive 100-pager Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Giant # 1. To round things out, we have a West Side Story parody from Marvel's Not Brand Echh, replacing the Jets and the Sharks with the Marbles and the Echhs, comedy stand-ins for the Marvel and DC heroes.

Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner in "From The Void It Came," Sub-Mariner # 72 (September 1974)
Aquaman in "The Creature That Devoured Detroit!," Aquaman # 56 (March-April 1971)
Captain Marvel in "The Alien And The Amphibian!," Captain Marvel # 4 (August 1968)
The Batman and Robin in "Night Of The Reaper!," Batman # 237 (December 1971)
The Marbles and The Echhs in "Best Side Story!," Not Brand Echh # 6 (February 1968)
"The Sub-Mariner Meets A New Enemy...Fire!," Sub-Mariner # 40 (June 1955)

Everything here is copyright...somebody! What doesn't belong to Marvel belongs to DC, and it can only be shown here in representative sample pages. I share the whole thing with my patrons. I regret I couldn't fit in anything actually written by Stan Lee, but I should have at least one Lee script in our next 100-Page FAKE!, which will be (almost) all Marvel. Make mine FAKE!


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