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Inspired by DC Comics' 1970s 100-Page Super SpectacularsSpectacular Comics 100-Page Special is a monthly series of fabricated 100-page comic books slapped together from various sources, celebrating comics from the '30s to the '80s. It's not real. But it is Spectacular.

It's here! This is the first issue of Spectacular Comics 100-Page Special, which replaces my previous series of 100-Page FAKES! Like the previous series, Spectacular will continue to concoct phony 100-page comic books (96 pages actually, since I'll be skipping the covers), reprinting otherwise-unrelated comics from the past. Spectacular won't be quite as DC Comics-centric as its predecessor, though DC will likely continue to dominate the content. Maybe. I don't know yet. Each monthly issue will be put together on a whim, constructed from a combination of scans from my collection and pages cut-n-pasted from internet resources.

This first issue of Spectacular Comics is all DC. We start with a 1969 Batman story, followed by “Captain Spaceman Will Be Waiting!”, a wonderful early ‘80s story from Weird War Tales. Then we go to the Golden Age as the original Captain Marvel takes on Sivana AND King Kull, and back to the Silver Age for a decidedly Silver Age adventure starring Superman and a (presumably?) one-off hero named Dyno-Man. ‘40s and ‘50s appearances by Plastic Man, Detective Chimp, and Green Arrow bring us to...Tess and Ed?

Yeah, why not? Tess and Ed were supporting characters in Torchy, a Golden Age series published by Quality Comics, and presumably part of DC’s acquisition of the line in the ‘50s. Torchy was a straight-up cheesecake book, a showcase for good-girl art, as hubba meets hubba from panel to panel. We’ll see Torchy and her pals again in future issues of Spectacular Comics.

An Aquaman tale from a 1963 issue of World’s Finest Comics wraps up our inaugural Spectacular; that same World’s Finest issue’s Superman-Batman story will appear in a near-future Spectacular.

Batman and Robin in "Call Me Master!," Batman # 215 (September 1969)
"Captain Spaceman Will Be Waiting!," Weird War Tales # 123 (May 1983)
"Captain Marvel Battles Double Doom," Captain Marvel Adventures # 130 (March 1952)
Superman in "The Day Superman Became An Assassin!," Superman # 206 (May 1968)
Plastic Man (untitled), Plastic Man # 44 (January 1954)
Detective Chimp in "Where There's Smoke--There's Bobo!," Rex The Wonder Dog # 44 (March-April 1959)
The Green Arrow and Speedy in "Collector Of Humans!," World's Finest Comics # 41 (July-August 1949)
Tess and Ed (untitled), Torchy # 6 (September 1950)
Aquaman and Aqualad in "The Creatures That Conquered Aquaman," World's Finest Comics # 135 (August 1963)

For the record, the Batman, Captain Spaceman, Detective Chimp, and Aquaman stories are scans from my collection of coverless comics. Captain Marvel, Plastic Man, and Tess and Ed are taken from the public domain comics download resource Digital Comic Museum, and Green Arrow comes from Steven Thompson’s ace blog The World’s Finest Blog.

Most everything here is copyright DC Comics Inc. The Captain Marvel, Plastic Man, and Tess and Ed stories are public domain, and the rest is depicted here in sample pages. I share the whole comic book with my patrons. Welcome aboard for this first issue of Spectacular Comics 100-Page Special.

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