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This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl is simply too large a concept to be neatly contained within a mere three-hour weekly time slot. Hence these occasional fake TIRnRR playlists, detailing shows we're never really going to do...but could.

After my memorial tribute to Syracuse's Gerber Music chain and my reminiscence about some of the 45s I bought at Gerber stores in the '70s, it seems appropriate to end the work week with an imaginary This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio playlist of tracks I bought at Gerber Music.

Memory can be imprecise, so I can't swear that each and every one of these selections is a song I got from Gerber. In fact, it's likely that more than one of these is something I got from another worthy vinyl vendor, whether it was Record Theatre or Camelot Music or Brockport's Record Grove or Main Street Records. I'm not exactly under oath here. But most of these did indeed come to my collection via purchases at Gerber Music; the ones that didn't come from Gerber are more than balanced by the Gerber purchases I've forgotten. It was the '70s. People forgot stuff in the '70s.

Speaking of imprecise memory, the act of putting this playlist together disproved something I said in yesterday's blog post. Yesterday, I wondered if The Clash's 1979 Cost Of Living EP was my last-ever Gerber Music purchase, or at least the last 45 I bought it at Gerber. It was not. I clearly remember buying The Most's "Take A Chance" single at Gerber later that summer, and I'm pretty sure I also got early '80s local fare by The Tearjerkers, Screen Test, 1.4.5., as well as the first 95X local artists compilation album Soundcheck at Gerber. Again: not under oath.

But close enough anyway! Here's to the music. Specifically: here's to Gerber Music.

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THE CLASH: Capital Radio (Epic, Cost Of Living)
THE RAMONES: Rockaway Beach (Sire, single)
GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS: Move It On Over (Rounder, single)
BUDDY HOLLY: Rave On (MCA, 20 Golden Greats)
THE BEATLES: She Loves You (Capitol, The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl)
ABBA: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Atlantic, single)
SUZI QUATRO: Can The Can (Bell, Suzi Quatro)
GENERATION X: Ready, Steady, Go (Chrysalis, single)
THE TROGGS: Good Vibrations (Pye, The Troggs)
THE HOLLIES: Look Through Any Window (United Artists, The Very Best Of The Hollies)
THE JAM: The Modern World (Polydor, single)
QUEEN: We Will Rock You (Elektra, single)
QUEEN: We Are The Champions (Elektra, single)
THE ALLIGATORS: I Try And I Try (Sunwray, single)
THE RAIDERS: Too Much Talk (Columbia, Greatest Hits Volume II)
THE BABYS: Isn't It Time (Chrysalis, single)
SHAUN CASSIDY: Hey Deanie (Warner Brothers, single)
THE RUNAWAYS: School Days (Mercury, Waitin' For The Night)
TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS: I Need To Know (Shelter, You're Gonna Get It)
HEART: Magic Man (Mushroom, single)
FLEETWOOD MAC: Second Hand News (Warner Brothers, Rumours)
THE RICH KIDS: Rich Kids (EMI, single)
BOSTON: More Than A Feeling (Epic, Boston)
THE BEATLES: Every Little Thing (Apple [Japan], Beatles VI)
THE FLASHCUBES: Christi Girl (Northside, single)
THE MOST: Take A Chance (Northside, single)
THE NATIVES: Tell Me A Story (Starstream, VA: Soundcheck)
THE TEARJERKERS: Syracuse Summer (Sunwray, single)
SHAUN CASSIDY: Teen Dream (Warner Brothers, single)
CHERRY VANILLA: The Punk (RCA, Bad Girl)
THE JAM: All Around The World (Polydor, single)
SUZI QUATRO: Suicide (RSO, If You Knew Suzi...)
ABBA: Take A Chance On Me (Atlantic, single)
THE SEX PISTOLS: I Wanna Be Me (Virgin, single)
THE STANDELLS: Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (AVI, VA: 15 Original Rock 'N Roll Biggies Vol. 2)
THE REAL KIDS: All Kindsa Girls (Red Star, The Real Kids)
THE RAMONES: Rock 'n' Roll High School (Sire, VA: Rock 'n' Roll High School OST)
THE BEATLES: If I Needed Someone (Capitol, Yesterday & Today)
THE CLASH: Tommy Gun (Epic, single)
ACE FREHLEY: New York Groove (Casablanca, single)
1.4.5.: She Couldn't Say No (Northside, Pink Invasion)
SCREEN TEST: Nothing Really Matters When You're Young (Northside, Inspired Humans Making Noise)
THE BEATLES: You Never Give Me Your Money (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Sun King (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Mean Mr. Mustard (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Polythene Pam (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Golden Slumbers (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Carry That Weight (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: The End (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE BEATLES: Her Majesty (Apple, Abbey Road)
THE RAMONES: I Want You Around (Sire, VA: Rock 'n' Roll High School OST)
THE FLASHCUBES: Got No Mind (Northside, single)
JOHN WILLIAMS with THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Theme From Superman [main title] (Warner Brothers, single)

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