Thursday, June 24, 2021

BRIGHT LIGHTS IN JAPAN: the Choosers cover the Flashcubes

The world needs more cover versions of songs originally done by Syracuse's own power pop powerhouse the Flashcubes. There have been a few, though not many (and not enough). A local band called Eclipse used to cover 'Cubes bassist Gary Frenay's "It's You Tonight" in live sets in the '90s; around 1980 or so, Central New York group the James L. Cortland Band was thinking of adding 'Cubes guitarist Paul Armstrong's "I'm Not The Liar" to their set lists, I was living elsewhere by then, so I don't know if the fabulous Cortlands followed through with that plan; but I was there, at the Firebarn, when they discussed it with PA, and I can vouch for that much as true.

The highest-profile 'Cubes cover to date was the Slapbacks' cool rendition of Gary's "Make Something Happen" on the 2017 compilation album This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 4. You can read all about that here (or as part of a longer account here). While you're at it, you can still get TIRnRR # 4 as a CD from Kool Kat Musik or as a digital download from Futureman Records. GO!!! This pop gig doesn't pay for itself, y'know.

And now, Japan's phenomenal pop combo the Choosers have released a video of their own minty-fresh and fabulous take on "Christi Girl," the song that served as the Flashcubes' first single in 1978. Written by 'Cubes guitarist Arty Lenin, "Christi Girl" is a pure pop ballad that should be a standard by now, and it retains all of its panache in the capable hands of the Choosers. It goes a little something like this:

MORE!! More Flashcubes covers, and more from the Choosers, please. And really, shouldn't there already be a Flashcubes tribute album by now? Get the Choosers on the phone. We should all have a special place where nobody else can go.

And then, y'know, invite everyone there anyway.


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