Saturday, January 7, 2023

Comic Book Series I Have Read (Or At Least Owned) In Their Entirety

In the spirit of my ongoing effort to remember and identify  every TV series I've ever seen it in its entirety, this is an attempt to do the same thing for comic book series. This initial attempt is based solely on memory; eventually, I'll have a look at Overstreet listings to see what additions might seem appropriate.

The list is for series that were originally announced as ongoing; I'm arbitrarily excluding titles that were billed as mini-series. It's an unfair distinction, allowing Gold Key Comics' cancelled-after-two-issues series based on the '60s TV version of The Green Hornet, but snubbing deliberately-finite runs like the twelve-issue Crisis On Infinite Earths and any of AHOY Comics' many, many fine books. Nonetheless, it's a distinction I'm stickin' with for now.

I'm also skipping series I read in collected editions. Each of the series listed below is something I read and/or owned in the original serial form, whether fresh off the racks or plucked out of the back issue bins.

And I'm not under oath here. I can't guarantee that I read every single issue of American Flagg!, DNAgents, Nexus, or Plop!, but I'm (pretty) sure I did. All-Star Squadron is omitted because I do remember bailing on the series at some point, and I don't believe I ever got around to reading the issues I missed.

American Flagg!
Animal Man
Astro City 
Bat Lash 
Blue Beetle (Charlton Comics)
The Brave And The Bold [Volume 3] 
Captain Action (DC)
The Demon
The Destructor
Doc Savage, Man Of Bronze (Marvel Comics)
E-Man (Charlton Comics)
E-Man (First Comics)
El Diablo
The Eye Of Mongambo
First Issue Special 
The Green Hornet (Gold Key Comics)
Hercules Unbound 
Hot Wheels
Howard The Duck 
Howard The Duck [black and white magazine]
Inferior 5 
The Joker 
Justice League
Justice Society Of America 
Justice, Inc. 
The Maze Agency 
'Mazing Man 
Ms. Marvel [2014]
The Peacemaker (Charlton Comics)
Plastic Man
The Power Of Shazam
The Question 
The Scorpion 
Secret Origins
Secret Six [1968]
The Shadow (DC)
The Shadow Strikes
The Spectre [1960s]
The Spectre [1980s]
The Spectre [1990s]
Starman [1990s]
Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E. 
Supergirl [1970s]
Supergirl [Volume 4]
Super Heroes (Dell)

That's the list so far. I'll come back to flesh it out at some near-future point. TO BE CONTINUED...!

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