Saturday, January 21, 2023

Money For Words: My Professional Writing Résumé

I wanna get this out there before the public announcement of details about my first book. This is a roughly chronological list of every outlet that has ever paid me to write for them, 1984 to present:

Fantagraphics, Amazing Heroes
Krause Publications, Comic Book Collector
The Buffalo News
Krause Publications, Goldmine
Krause Publications, The Comics Buyers' Guide
The Syracuse New Times
Rhino Records
Warner Brothers Records
MusicHound Rock
BMG Europe
Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth
AHOY Comics

The list does not include any of my many, many pro bono works. A 2017 blog post called "Money For Words" offered a run-down of some of the specifics of these professional assignments. I started selling short stories to the good folks at AHOY Comics in 2019.

Illustration by Ed Catto
And, of course, now we have [redacted], with my first book. We should be un-redacting that pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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