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I'm the co-host of THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO with Dana & Carl (Sunday nights, 9 to Midnight Eastern, www.westcottradio.org).  As a freelance writer, I contributed to Goldmine magazine from 1986-2006, wrote liner notes for Rhino Records' compilation CD Poptopia!  Power Pop Classics Of The '90s, and for releases by The Flashcubes, The Finkers, Screen Test, 1.4.5., and Jack "Penetrator" Lipton.  I contributed to the books Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth, Shake Some Action, Lost In The Grooves, and MusicHound Rock, and to DISCoveries, Amazing Heroes, The Comics Buyer's Guide, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Comics Collector, The Buffalo News, and The Syracuse New Times.  I also wrote the liner notes for the four THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO compilation CDs, because, well, who could stop me?  My standing offer to write liner notes for a Bay City Rollers compilation has remained criminally ignored.  Still intend to write and sell a Batman story someday.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Free Comic Book Day


Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, your annual opportunity to visit comic book stores across America and score free comic books.  Most of us will also buy comics during our FCBD visit, so everyone winds up happier'n Forbush-Man finally joining the ranks of The Mighty Avengers.  Full details on FCBD 2016 can be found HERE; if you're in Syracuse, Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do) recommends a visit to Comix Zone on Main Street in North Syracuse, which is CC's preferred One Stop Comics Shop.

In 2012, pop fan and FCBD creator Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff, contacted This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl about the idea of a Free Comic Book Day edition of TIRnRR, playing nothing but comics-related pop tunes for three hours.  We thought it was a fabulous idea, and the result is detailed below.

This past week's edition of This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl was devoted solely to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and it was programmed in part by FCBD's creator, Joe Field.  The challenge was to create a solid three-hour show of cool tunes inspired by or otherwise linked to the broad 'n' diverse world of comics, and we met that challenge as surely as Superman saved the world from Solomon Grundy.  The show itself is super, amazing, astonishing, astounding, brave and bold, incredible, a marvel, top-notch, an American splendor and frankly, the world's finest.  Also weird, but more fun. 'Nuff said. Thanks, Joe!  And this is what rock 'n' roll radio sounded like on a four-color Sunday night in Syracuse this week.  Excelsior!

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TIRnRR # 627:  4/29/12, for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

N/A:  "The Adventures Of Superman" [TV theme]
THE RAMONES:  "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" (Rhino, Rocket To Russia)
LIQUOR GIANTS:  "Riverdale High" (Matador, Every Other Day At A Time)
THE ARCHIES:  "Jingle Jangle" (Fuel 2000, Absolutely The Best Of The Archies)
RICK SPRINGFIELD:  "Comic Book Heroes/I'm Your Superman" (Columbia, Comic Book Heroes)
N/A:  "Marvel Super Heroes Theme"
THE TRAITS:  "Nobody Loves The Hulk" (Queen City, single)
THE THREE 4 TENS:  "Kill Dr. Strange" (Rainbow Quartz, Down The Way)
JOE SATRIANI:  "Surfing With The Alien" (Sony, Surfing With The Alien)
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN:  "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron" (One Way, Anthology)
THE COASTERS:  "Charlie Brown" (Rhino, Yakety Yak)
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN:  "The Return Of The Red Baron" (One Way, Anthology)
XTC:  "Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)" (Virgin, Black Sea)
THE RAMONES:  "Spider-Man" (MCA, VA:  Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits)
N/A:  "Thor" [TV theme]
KISS:  "God Of Thunder" (Mercury, Destroyer)
ALFRED E. NEUMAN & THE FURSHLUGGINER FIVE:  "Potrzebie" (ABC Paramount, single)
GENESIS:  "Scenes From A Night's Dream" (Atlantic, ...And Then There Were Three)
THE TOMORROWS:  "Anime" (Kool Kat Musik, Jupiter Optimus Maximus)
JOHN GART:  "The Teen Titans" (Watchtower, VA:  The Music Of DC Comics)
PUFFY AMIYUMI:  "Teen Titans Theme" (Epic, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)
HERO:  "High Wire" (Lifesong, Spider-Man:  Rock Reflections Of A Super-Hero)
STAN LEE:  "Narration" (Lifesong, Spider-Man:  Rock Reflections Of A Super-Hero)
THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS:  "Peter Parker's Revenge" (Bedside, Give Till It Hurts)
EYTAN MIRSKY:  "American Splendor" (M-Squared, Everyone's Having Fun Tonight!)
JAN & DEAN:  "Mr. Freeze" (Liberty, Jan & Dean Meet Batman)
BURT WARD [with FRANK ZAPPA]:  "Boy Wonder, I Love You" (MGM, single)
FRANK GORSHIN:  "The Riddler" (Varese Sarabande, VA:  Batmania)
QUEEN:  "Flash's Theme" (Hollywood, Flash Gordon OST)
THE SPONGETONES:  "Invisible Girl" (Loaded Goat, Too Clever By Half)
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS:  "Challengers" (Matador, Challengers)
MAD MAGAZINE:  "A MAD Extra" (Big Top, Fink Along With MAD)
FUZZBUBBLE:  "Wonderwoman" (The Orchard, Fuzzbubble)
AL HIRT:  "Green Hornet Theme" (RCA, The Horn Meets "The Hornet")
THE KINKS:  "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman" (Velvel, Low Budget)
THE KINKS:  "Johnny Thunder" (Essential, The Village Green Preservation Society)
THE KINKS:  "Plastic Man" (Essential, Arthur)
N/A:  "Captain America" [TV theme]
THE KINKS:  "Catch Me Now I'm Falling" (Velvel, Low Budget)
AIMEE MANN:  "Ghost World" (SuperEgo, Bachelor No. 2)
VEGAS WITH RANDOLPH:  "Supergirl" (Caged Giant, Above THe Blue)
THE VENTURES:  "Dick Tracy" (EMI, Walk--Don't Run)
PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS:  "Magneto And Titanium Man" (Capitol, Venus And Mars)
THE BEATLES:  "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill" (Apple, The Beatles)
SEAN HUTTON SUPERSHOW:  "Shazam" (Phoenix Fire, Fate Of The World)
ELTON JOHN:  "Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)" (Island, Rock Of The Westies)
CRAIG MARSHALL:  "Aquaman" (Lazy S.O.B., Popular Crimes)
N/A:  "Underdog" [TV theme]
CRASH TEST DUMMIES:  "Superman's Song" (Sony, The Best Of Crash Test Dummies)
ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST:  "Entr'acte" (Sony, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman Original Cast Recording)
MATTHEW SWEET:  "Evangeline" (Zoo, Girlfriend)
THE BONGOS:  "Barbarella" (Razor & Tie, Numbers With Wings/Beat Hotel)
TRANSVISION VAMP:  "Hanging Out With Halo Jones" (MCA, Pop Art)
DONOVAN:  "Sunshine Superman" (Legacy, Troubadour)
THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR:  "Brainiac's Daughter" (Geffen, Chips From The Chocolate Fireball)
FARRAH:  "Lois Lane" (Ark 21, Moustache)
R.E.M.:  "Superman" (IRS, Lifes Rich Pageant)
SPLITSVILLE USA:  "Brenda Starr" (Big Deal, Splitsville USA)
ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST:  "Boy Falls From The Sky" (Interscope, Spider-Man:  Turn Off The Dark Original Cast Recording)
DEBBIE HARRY:  "Comic Books" (Sire, Def, Dumb And Blonde)
NELSON RIDDLE:  "The Batman Theme" [TV theme]
JOHN WILLIAMS:  "Theme From Superman [album version]" (Watchtower, VA:  The Music Of DC Comics)