Monday, February 13, 2017

This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio # 860

As music fans, we yearn for a connection with our pop music. I mean, we're connected with it to begin with; that's why we're fans. We ache with every broken promise, cry with every lonely teardrop, and soar with the joy of every heart redeemed, each love restored. Whether it's a desire to hold your hand, an earnest pledge from The Village Green Preservation Society, an invitation to do the Freddie, or a vow that whenever you call me, I'll be there, we live inside our music. Every note. Every word. Every sha-la-la, every whoa-oh-oh.

But we still want more. If we're musicians, we want to be in a band, be in the band. If we're not musicians, man, we still wanna be in the band! We want to be part of this beautiful, magical thing called pop music.

So. If Dana and Carl had anything at all to do with the genesis of the fab new group Pop Co-Op, we're just thrilled beyond description.

We're told that the members of Pop Co-Op met through This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio. If that's our claim to pop immortality...WE'LL TAKE IT!! Pop Co-Op grew from Steve Stoeckel & His This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio All-Stars, an ad hoc songwritin' and singin' combo assembled by Steve Stoeckel of The Spongetones. The All-Stars evolved without interference from us, and became this majestic entity called Pop Co-Op: Steve Stoeckel, Bruce Gordon, Joel Tinnel, and Stacy Carson, aided 'n' abetted by Rich Firestone, Laura Tinnel, Alex Tinnel, and our A & R gal Elizabeth "Baby" Racz. The album is Four State Solution, it's your favorite album of 2017, and your copy awaits its proper tithe at Radio's job is to sell records! It makes us feel connected.

We're also connected with Irene Pena, The Flashcubes, Clockwork Flowers, and Orbis Max, and their latest works are likewise represented on this week's playlist, right alongside Grammy winners The Beatles, and the delightful likes of Betty Wright, The Everly Brothers, The Velvet Underground, PrinceThe RamonesThe Monkees, and everyone else listed below. Pop music! We connect. And we play on. This is what rock 'n' roll radio sounded like on a Sunday night in Syracuse this week.

(And the love of Pop Co-Op doesn't stop here! Don't miss this week's edition of Alan Haber's Pure Pop for the radio debut of two more great tracks from Pop Co-Op's Four State Solution, "Feint Of Heart" and "A Trick Of The Light." Pop music on the radio? We approve of this message.)

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TIRnRR # 860: 2/12/17

THE RAMONES: Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (Rhino, End Of The Century)
POP CO-OP: It Ain't Easy Being A Boy (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Cleveland Rocks (Columbia, Pure Frosting)
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE: Joe Rey (Atlantic, Fountains Of Wayne)
THE FLASHCUBES: She (unreleased)
PRETTYBOYS: I Wanna Make You! (Numero, VA: Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago)
IRENE PENA: Not From Around Here (
BETTY WRIGHT: Slip And Do It (Collectables, Clean Up Woman)
POP CO-OP: Sensible Flats (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
GOO GOO DOLLS: Bitch (Arista, VA: No Alternative)
THE KENNEDYS: Half Of Us (Jiffyjam, Get It Right)
THE CURE: In Between Days (Elektra, Staring At The Sea)
POP CO-OP: You Don't Love Me Anymore (unreleased)
JULIAN LEAL: Get Away (Numero, VA: Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago)
THE EVERLY BROTHERS: So Lonely (Collectors' Choice Music, Two Yanks In England)
THE BEATLES: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Apple, Eight Days A Week)
THE WONDERS: That Thing You Do! [Live At The Hollywood Television Showcase] (Play-Tone, VA: That Thing You Do! OST)
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS: How Do You Do It? (EMI, The Best Of Gerry & The Pacemakers)
ORBIS MAX: You May Be The One (
CLOCKWORK FLOWERS: Out Of My Mind (, Colours Vol. 3: Yellow)
POP CO-OP: Malaprop Girl (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
SWEET: Wig-Wam Bam (Capitol, The Best Of Sweet)
THE KINKS: The Village Green Preservation Society (Universal, The Village Green Preservation Society)
SPIRIT: Fresh-Garbage (Ode, Spirit)
POP CO-OP: If Everything Was Easy (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: Sweet Talkin' Woman (Epic, Out Of The Blue)
FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS: Do The Freddie (EMI, The Best Of Freddie & The Dreamers)
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: Beginning To See The Light (Polydor, Peel Slowly And See)
MR. ENCRYPTO: Long After Long (Death Barney, Hero And Villain)
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK: Paxton's Back Street Carnival (Sundazed, Incense And Peppermints)
STEVE STOECKEL & HIS THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO ALL-STARS: I Could Be Good For You (Kool Kat Musik, VA: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 3)
THE JERKS: So Lifelike (Numero, VA: Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago)
POP CO-OP: Lila (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
THE SPONGETONES: (My Girl) Maryanne (Loaded Goat, Always Carry On)
THE SPINNERS: I'll Be There (Rhino, The Very Best Of The Spinners)
THE MONOTONES: What Would You Do If There Wasn't Any Rock And Roll? (Collectables, Book Of Love)
POP CO-OP: When Wave Was New (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
MEN WITHOUT HATS: The Safety Dance (Hip-O, VA: New Wave Gold)
PRINCE: I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Warner Brothers, The Hits/The B-Sides)
THE BUGGLES: Video Killed The Radio Star (Hip-O, VA: The Best Of The Eighties)
THE CALL: The Walls Came Down (Polygram, The Walls Came Down)
THE VAPORS: Turning Japanese  (Hip-O, VA: New Wave Gold)
POP CO-OP: I Didn't Know (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
THE JOHNNY POPSTAR LUV EXPLOSION: Guess I'm Just A Friendly Guy [Alternative Mix--Flo & Eddie's Zappa characters] (n/a, Lizzy The Supermarket Drag Queen)
THE RAMONES: Rockaway Beach (Rhino, Rocket To Russia)
MR. ENCRYPTO: The Last Time [a cappella] (unreleased mix)
POP CO-OP: Bad Idea (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
THE MONKEES: You Told Me (Rhino, Headquarters)
POP CO-OP: Only Me (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
SONNY & CHER: The Beat Goes On (Rhino, VA: Summer Of Love)
POP CO-OP: Forgotten Secrets (Silent Bugler, Four State Solution)
BIG STAR: September Gurls (Big Beat, VA: Thank You, Friends)
LINK WRAY & HIS RAYMEN: Jack The Ripper (Ace, VA: The Birth Of Surf)

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