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I'm the co-host of THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO with Dana & Carl (Sunday nights, 9 to Midnight Eastern, www.westcottradio.org).  As a freelance writer, I contributed to Goldmine magazine from 1986-2006, wrote liner notes for Rhino Records' compilation CD Poptopia!  Power Pop Classics Of The '90s, and for releases by The Flashcubes, The Finkers, Screen Test, 1.4.5., and Jack "Penetrator" Lipton.  I contributed to the books Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth, Shake Some Action, Lost In The Grooves, and MusicHound Rock, and to DISCoveries, Amazing Heroes, The Comics Buyer's Guide, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Comics Collector, The Buffalo News, and The Syracuse New Times.  I also wrote the liner notes for the four THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO compilation CDs, because, well, who could stop me?  My standing offer to write liner notes for a Bay City Rollers compilation has remained criminally ignored.  Still intend to write and sell a Batman story someday.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO Flashback: 301 Songs About 301 Girls

In the wake of this week's AM Radios Gone Wild! Non-Stop Over The Top POP!!! edition of This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, I've been saying that pop music is the greatest thing since girls. So now, let's talk about girls.

Girl # 1: Sheena
We've done a few year-long programming gimmicks on This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio. There was the 50 KISS Strategy in 2009, where we had to play 50 different KISS songs over the course of 12 months. And there was also The Hundred Hollies Initiative, where we needed to play 100 different Hollies songs in a year; The Hundred Hollies Initiative came equipped with its own Sword of Damocles, since failure to play 100 different Hollies songs in the allotted time frame would have obliged us to play Bob Seger's execrable "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" as penance. I still shudder at the thought; we played 101 different Hollies songs, just to be sure.

Our third and final extended gimmick was 301 Songs About 301 Girls in 2011, a fun exercise that involved playing songs with different girls' names in the titles. This was, I think, our most popular gimmick ever, with scores of folks sending suggestions for songs we needed to play. The final tally of our 301 girls appears below, followed by the playlist for the subsequent follow-up show, More Songs About The Same Girls. Are you ready for your Mystery Date?

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Here's the final listing of 301 SONGS ABOUT 301 GIRLS, our nearly year-long effort to play 301 different songs about 301 different girls.  Well, it was originally supposed to be 200 girls, then 300, but there ya go.  Thanks very much to the many fine folks who participated with comments and suggestions--we love ya like we love each 'n' every one of our 301 girls.

301 SONGS ABOUT 301 GIRLS began and ended, fittingly, with singles:  our first song about our first girl was The Record That Changed My Life, "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" by THE RAMONES; our 301st song about our 301sth girl was the only 45 I ever haunted a record store waiting for, hounding clerks week after week about when they'd have the debut single from my all-time favorite power pop group, "Christi Girl" by THE FLASHCUBES.  In between, we played songs named for every girlfriend I ever had, songs named for three of my five fave-rave female celebrities, Suzi Quatro, Marisa Tomei, and Joan Jett (but missing P.J. Soles and Playboy Playmate Lorrie Menconi, dammit--get to work on new songs about those two, you power poppers!), lotsa requests, lotsa obscurities, lotsa stone classics.  And we had a blast!

And please join us NEXT Sunday, November 20th, for MORE SONGS ABOUT THE SAME GIRLS, a final three-hour blowout of girl's name songs, streaming live from 9 to Midnight Eastern at www.westcottradio.org.

Abigail Beecher [Freddy Cannon]
Ada [The Flamin Groovies]
Adrianne [The Orion Experience]
Abilene [Jesse Bryson]
Alice [The Marshmellows]
Alice Childress [Ben Folds Five]
Alice Long [Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart]
Alison [Justin Kline]
Allison [The Gin Blossoms]
Amy [The Lovin' Spoonful]
Ana Ng [They Might Be Giants]
Andrea [Tommy Keene]
Angela [Dennis Most]
Angelica [astroPuppees]
Angelina [Tammy & the Lords of Misrule]
Angelina Jolie [The Chevelles]
Angeline [The Chesterfield Kings]
Ann [The Lyres]
Ann Marie [Keith Klingensmith]
Anna [The Spongetones]
Annalisa [Chris von Sneidern]
Anne [The Tremblers]
AnnElise [R.E.M.]
Annette [The Singles]
Annie [Redd Kross]
April [The Merrymakers]
Arianne [Kyle Vincent]
Ariel [Rachael Gordon]
Augustine [DM3]
Barbarella [The Bongos]
Belinda [The Dogs]
Bernadette [The Four Tops]
Beth [KISS]
Betty [Chris Spedding]
Beverly [The Flashcubes]
Black Betty [Ram Jam]
Bony Moronie [Larry Williams]
Brenda [Martin Newell]
Candy [Iggy Pop]
Cara-Lin [The Strangeloves]
Carlene [The New Monkees]
Carly Simon [The Groovie Ghoulies]
Carmen [Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass]
Carol [The Rolling Stones]
Carole [Mike Curb]
Caroline [Kirsty MacColl]
Carolynne [The Decibels]
Carrie [The Romantics]
Carrie Anne [The Hollies]
Catherine [The Krayolas]
Cathy [The Everly Brothers]
Cecilia [Simon & Garfunkel]
Chaquita [The Dave Clark Five]
Cheri [20/20]
Cheryl [The Cascades]
Cherry [Neil Diamond]
Chevy [Gary Frenay]
Christabelle [Sorrows]
Christi [The Flashcubes]
Christianne [The Early Hours]
Christina [Chicory Tip]
Christine [The Moptops]
Christy [Frosted Flakes]
Cinderella [The Fuzztones]
Cindy [The Faces]
Claudette [The Everly Brothers]
Claudia [Millennium]
Colleen [The Everyday Things]
Corrine [Freddy Cannon]
Dana [Fooled By April]
Dawn [The Four Seasons]
Deanie [Shaun Cassidy]
Debbie [The B-52's]
Debbie Jones [The Eddies]
Deborah [Dave Edmunds]
Dee Dee [Milk 'n' Cookies]
Deedra [The Lolas]
Denise [Fountains Of Wayne]
Desdemona [The Searchers]
Desiree [The Left Banke]
Diana [Paul Anka]
Diane [Material Issue]
Donna [David Johansen]
Doreen [The Mystics]
Dorothy [The Krayolas]
Druscilla [Jupiter Affect]
Edie [Chopper]
Egypt [The Coasters]
Eileen [Dexy's Midnight Runners]
Eleana [Sid Selvidge]
Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles]
Elenore [The Turtles]
Elise [The Cure]
Elizabeth [4 Out Of 5 Doctors]
Eloise [The Hollies]
Emily [Pink Floyd]
Erica [Game Theory]
Eydie [Marshall Crenshaw]
Fancy [Reba McEntire]
Fanny [Angel]
Fatima [Camper Van Beethoven]
Flo [Liquor Giants]
Genevieve [The Kinks]
Georgia Rae [John Hiatt]
Georgie [Helium Angel]
Georgy [The Seekers]
Geraldine [The Ole Miss Downbeats]
Gidget [Duane Eddy]
Gina [Josie Cotton]
Ginger [The Mildreds]
Ginna Ling [Cockeyed Ghost]
Gloria [Them]
Godiva [Peter & Gordon]
Harriet Tubman [The Long Ryders]
Hazel [Tommy Roe]
Helen [Paul Collins Beat]
Helga [The Kinks]
Henrietta [Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats]
Hillary [The Quick]
Holly [Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods]
Hope [The Fleshtones]
Idy [DMZ]
Jackie [The New Pornographers]
Jane [The Berkley Squires]
Janie Jones [The Clash]
Janine [The Greenberry Woods]
Jeanie [Eddie Cochran]
Jeannie [The Huntingtons]
Jennifer [Johnny Curious & the Strangers]
Jennifer Eccles [The Hollies]
Jenny [Tommy Tutone]
Jesamine [Squire]
Jessica [The Tearaways]
Jessie [Madonna]
Jezebel [The Jigsaw Seen]
Jill [The dB's]
Joan Jett [The Launderettes]
Joanne [Michael Nesmith & the First National Band]
Jolana [The Beat Rats]
Jolene [Dolly Parton]
Joni [The Hudson Brothers]
Josephine [Dave Stephens]
Joycelynn May [The Breakup Society]
Judy [Orange]
Julie [Marty Rudnick]
Juliette [The Januaries]
Juliette Foster [Phil Angotti]
Justine [The Archies]
Kailee Anne [Michael Carpenter]
Karen [The Euclid Beach Band]
Katherine [Danny Wilde]
Katie [The B.A.R.]
Kathy [Simon & Garfunkel)
Kathy Fong [Tsar]
Keli Richards [The Gin Blossoms]
Kim [Material Issue]
Kimberley [Patti Smith]
Kitty [Racey]
Kristine [The Modulators]
Kylie [Rollercoaster]
Lana [The SpongeTones]
Lily [The Who]
Linda [Paul McCartney]
Lisa [Dash Rip Rock]
Lisa Anne [Bill Lloyd]
Liza [Percy Faith]
Liza Radley [The Jam]
Lizzy [Larry Williams]
Lolette [The Crawdaddys]
Loli La Letta [Myracle Brah]
Lone [Swag]
Lorelei [Styx]
Loretta [Nervous Eaters]
Lori [The Fire Apes]
Lorraine [Cake Like]
Louise [Paul Revere & the Raiders]
Luci Baines [The American Four]
Lucille [Little Richard]
Lucy [The Producers]
Lulu [Primrose Circus]
Lysistrata [Utopia]
Madeleine [The Dave Rave Group]
Madeline [Hanson]
Madonna [Fats Domino]
Mallory [The Idle Jets]
Marcella [The Beach Boys]
Marcia [The Ghost Rockets]
Margaret [The Hippycrickets]
Maria [Blondie]
Maria Bartiromo [Joey Ramone]
Marianne [The Deal]
Marie [Elvis Presley]
Marie Elena [The Barbarians]
Marilyn [Patti Rothberg]
Marisa [Vegas With Randolph]
Marjorie [The Three O'Clock]
Marlena [The Lackloves]
Martha [The Beatles]
Mary [The Bradburys]
Mary Anne [The Who]
Mary Lou [Ricky Nelson]
Maryanne [The SpongeTones]
Maryellen [Tim Anthony]
Matilda [Duke Baxter]
Maureen [Fountains Of Wayne]
Maybelline [Chuck Berry]
Meghan Allison [The Anderson Council]
Melanie [The Resonars]
Melissa [Eytan Mirsky]
Melody [David Johansen]
Melody Lee [The Damned]
Minerva [Digby]
Miranda [Toast]
Mo'reen [Paul Revere & the Raiders]
Mona [Bo Diddley]
Nadine [Chuck Berry]
Nancy [The Barker Brothers]
Natalie [The Flashcubes]
Neita [Sex Clark Five]
Nicole [Brad Jones]
Olivia [Frank Bango]
Ollie Vee [Buddy Holly]
Ophelia [Shane Faubert]
Pamela [Bobby Fuller]
Paris [The Elvis Brothers]
Patti [The Dave Rave Group]
Patty [Freddy Cannon]
Paulene [X]
Peanuts [The Phio Express]
Peggy Sue [Buddy Holly]
Penelope [Mad Monster Party]
Penny [Wondermints]
Polly [The Byrds]
Priscilla [Kerry Kompost]
Prudence [The Beatles]
Queenie [Bratmobile]
Rachel [Duffy]
Ramona [The Vandalays]
Rari [The Standells]
Rebecca [Sean Altman]
Renee [The Johnny Popstar Luv Explosion]
Rhonda [The Beach Boys]
Ricki [The Go]
Rita [The Rubinoos]
Robin [The Mockers]
Rosalita [Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band]
Rosalyn [The Pretty Things]
Rosemary [The Dickies]
Rosie [The Cavedogs]
Roxanne [The Police]
Roxette [Dr. Feelgood]
Roxy [The Bay City Rollers]
Ruby [Dion]
Ruthy Ann [The Elvis Brothers]
Sabrina [The Negro Problem]
Sally [Stu Nunnery]
Sally Sue Brown [Arthur Alexander]
Sandy [Carlene Carter]
Sara [Gregg Yeti & the Best Lights]
Sharon [The dB's]
Sharona [The Knack]
Sheena [The Ramones]
Sheila [Kenny Howes & the Yeah!]
Shelley [Dance Hall Crashers]
Shelly [Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo]
Sherilyn [The Double Naught Spies]
Sherry [The Contours]
Sloopy [The Debs]
Sophia [The Lolas]
Stacy [Fountains of Wayne]
Suellen [Screen Test]
Sunday [Jay & the Americans]
Susan [Nick Lowe]
Suzanna [The Wildbirds]
Suzette [Foster & Lloyd]
Suzi Quatro [The Blondes]
Suzie [Ian McLagen & the Bump Band]
Suzie Q [Dale Hawkins]
Suzy [The Ramones]
Sylvie [St. Etienne]
Tabitha Twitchit [The Dave Clark Five]
Tara [The Knack]
Tennessee [Sugarland]
Theresa [The Modern Minds]
Tracey [The Smithereens]
Tracy [The Cuff Links]
Ursula [The New Mix]
Valerie [Material Issue]
Valleri [The Monkees]
Vera Gemini [Blue Oyster Cult]
Veronica [Elvis Costello]
Vicky Verky [Squeeze]
Victoria [The Kinks]
Virginia [Scott Morris]
Wendy [The Descendents]
Windy [The Association]
Winona [The Kennedys]
Yolanda [Bobby "Blue" Bland]
Yoko [John Lennon]
Zelda [The Ringling Sisters]

And here was the aftermath, More Songs About The Same Girls:

Hello again from This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl.  How do you follow up a project like 301 SONGS ABOUT 301 GIRLS, our successful, months-long effort to play 301 different songs about 301 different girls?  The only appropriate choice would be to devote an entire show to MORE SONGS ABOUT THE SAME GIRLS, a three-hour blowout of girls' names set to song.  So that's what we did on last week's show, and the lines from our virtual little red book fill the playlist below. The Songs About Girls gimmick has been a total blast all year, and once again we wanna thank the many fine folks who supported it; your comments, requests, suggestions and occasional mp3 gifts helped make 301 SONGS ABOUT 301 GIRLS possible...and fun!

NEXT WEEK: well, that's TOMORROW, Sunday November 27th, and we invite you to join us for another shot of The Best Three Hours Of Radio On The Whole Friggin' Planet, with our special guest JACK "PENETRATOR" LIPTON!  Meanwhile, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS go to Syracuse Community Radio, 826 Euclid Avenue, Syracuse, NY  13210.  Please let us know if you need to be deleted from our weekly greetings.  And this is what rock 'n' roll radio sounded like on a Sunday night in Syracuse last week.

THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO with Dana & Carl streams live every Sunday night from 9 to Midnight Eastern, exclusively at www.westcottradio.org.


THE RAMONES:  "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" (Rhino, End Of The Century)
MATERIAL ISSUE:  "Renee Remains The Same" (Mercury, International Pop Overthrow)
THE LEFT BANKE:  "Walk Away, Renee" (Mercury, There's Gonna Be A Storm)
THE JOHNNY POPSTAR LUV EXPLOSION:  "Oh Renee" (JAM, VA:  This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 1)
THE TWILIGHTS:  "Cathy, Come Home" (Rhino, VA:  Nuggets II)
THE SIGHS:  "No Caroline" (Charisma, What Goes On)
THE BEACH BOYS:  "Caroline, No" (Capitol, Pet Sounds Sessions)
THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR:  "Julie" (Del-Fi, Never To Be Forgotten)
THE BEATLES:  "Lovely Rita" (Apple, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
MARSHALL CRENSHAW:  "Mary Anne" (Rhino, This Is Easy)
THE ZOMBIES:  "A Rose For Emily" (Big Beat, Zombie Heaven)
JAMIE & STEVE:  "Emily's Ghost" (Loaded Goat, English Afterthoughts)
SIMON & GARFUNKEL:  "Cecilia" (Columbia, Greatest Hits)
THE LOLAS:  "The Laurie Song" (PID, Doctor Apache)
COTTON MATHER:  "Aurora Bori Alice" (Copper, Kontiki)
THE KINKS:  "Rosie Won't You Please Come Home" (Essential, Face To Face)
THE ROLLING STONES:  "Ruby Tuesday" (Abkco, Flowers)
MICHAEL NESMITH:  "Some Of Shelly's Blues" (Rhino, The Older Stuff)
THE JODIMARS:  "Clarabella" (MOJO, VA:  The Roots Of Paul McCartney)
THE NEGRO PROBLEM:  "Monica Oyster" (Thump, VA:  Silver Lake:  What A Drag)
THE PRETTY THINGS:  "Rosalyn" (Fontana, Get A Buzz)
PHAMOUS PHACES:  "Kristen Did It" (Bink!, New Pop City)
WONDERMINTS:  "Tracy Hide" (Rhino, VA:  Children Of Nuggets)
THE POSIES:  "Suddenly Mary" (DGC, Dear 23)
THE BOOTS: "Gaby" (Rhino, VA:  Nuggets II)
ZAGER & EVANS:  "Cary Lynn Javes" (RCA, single)
THE MONKEES:  "Mary, Mary" (Rhino, More Of The Monkees)
TOO MUCH JOY:  "Donna Everywhere" (Giant, Mutiny)
JODY REYNOLDS:  "Jeannie Mae" (UNCUT, VA:  Get It On!)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:  "Candy's Room" (Columbia, Darkness On The Edge Of Town)
THE BARKER BROTHERS:  "Nancy" (Sundazed, VA:  Sundazed Sampler)
THE SUNRAYS:  "Andrea" (Collectables, The Very Best Of The Tower Recordings)
THE YARDBIRDS:  "Goodnight Sweet Josephine" (Warner Archives, BBC Sessions)
STARZ:  "Cherry Baby" (Renaissance, Brightest Starz)
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND:  "Sweet Jane [full-length version]" (Polydor, Peel Slowly And See)
THE RAMONES:  "Ramona" (Rhino, Rocket To Russia)
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES:  "Christine" (Rhino, VA:  Left Of The Dial)
THE FLASHCUBES:  "Hello Suzie" (Air Mail, Sportin' Wood)
LITTLE ESTHER PHILLIPS:  "Mojo Hannah" (MOJO, VA:  Raw Soul)
THE OHIO EXPRESS:  "Down At Lulu's" (Buddha, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy)
THE TURTLES:  "Elenore" (Sundazed, The Battle Of The Bands)
THE RUBINOOS:  "Jennifer" (Castle, Anthology)
THE BEATLES:  "Eleanor Rigby" (Apple, Revolver)
THE SPONGETONES:  "(My Girl) Maryanne" (Loaded Goat, Always Carry On)
WRECKLESS ERIC:  "Reconnez Cherie" (Stiff, Wreckless Eric)
COCKEYED GHOST:  "About Jill" (Big Deal, Keep Yourself Amused)
THE DOWNLINERS SECT:  "Glendora" (Rhino, VA:  Nuggets II)
GAME THEORY:  "The Real Sheila" (Enigma, Lolita Nation)
TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART:  "Alice Long (You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend)" (Varese Sarabande, VA:  The Songs Of Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart)
THE RAMONES:  "Judy Is A Punk" (Rhino, Ramones)
THE GROOVIE GHOULIES:  "Carly Simon" (Lookout!, VA:  Lookout!  Freakout!)
FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS:  "Susan's Tuba" (Castle, VA:  Strawberry Bubblegum)
THE FUZZTONES:  "Cinderella" (ROIR, VA:  Garage Sale)
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS:  "Cinderella Sunshine [single version]" (Sundazed, Hard 'n' Heavy [With Marshmallow])
KENNY HOWES & THE YEAH!:  "Sheila, She" (TallBoy, Until Dawn)
THE BEATLES:  "Dear Prudence [alternate version]" (unreleased)
THE RAMONES:  "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" (Rhino, Rocket To Russia)
HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS:  "Rosemary" (Shout Factory, Whipped Cream & Other Delights)

Girl # 301: Christi(e) Girl