Wednesday, July 19, 2017

THE 13th DIMENSION! Batman, The Monkees, And Me

Astute readers of Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do) will notice the comics site 13th Dimension among my list of recommended blogs ("When I'm Not Reading My Blog, I Read These Blogs"). Dan Greenfield at 13th Dimension recently plugged Boppin' with an edited version of my own scenario of how to do a Batman '66 Meets The Monkees comic book. Dan added some insights of his own, so I encourage you to check out the cheap thrills of the combination of the two--wait, wrong band!--over at that specific Monkees Pad Batcave. Go, and tell 'em Boppin' sez thanks! (And you can, of course, still see my complete original post right here: Batman Meets The Monkees.)

Like my pal Rich Firestone says, The Monkees have been good to me. The attention from 13th Dimension has provided enough fresh clicks here to push Batman Meets The Monkees into my all-time Top 10 most-viewed blog posts. Similarly, my recent selection of The Monkees: Welcome To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (which had already been one of my most-viewed posts anyway) as this week's Featured Post caused it to leap-frog over a couple of other favorites, and even rocketed it past my review of The Monkees' Good Times! to occupy the # 2 spot. (My all-time # 1 remains my Greatest Record Ever Made post about "Beach Baby" by The First Class; the enduring popularity of that specific post above all others continues to puzzle and delight me.)

The Monkees have been featured in editions of a few of my many ongoing series on Boppin' (Like The Hip Folks Do): Virtual Ticket Stub Gallery, The Everlasting First, and Second Hand Sound. Given their popularity here, and the fact that I love writing about them anyway, it's a safe bet that you'll see more of The Monkees in the near future. Think they're about due for a Greatest Record Ever Made, right? I know just the record....

Nope. That ain't it.
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