Thursday, October 11, 2018

100-Page FAKES! presents: DC SPECIAL # 14 [Wanted, The World's Most Dangerous Villains]

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Okay. If our assembled gang of DC Comics fans will forgive me for channeling a guy who worked for the competition: Face front, true believers! This one's got it all!

A previous edition of 100-Page FAKES! presented an expanded edition of 1972's Wanted, The World's Most Dangerous Villains # 4. Today, we go back a little further: DC Special # 14 (September-October 1971), which was the second of two DC Specials that introduced the Wanted theme. What Wanted theme? Yeah, it was just an excuse to reprint a bunch of stories of superheroes battling super-villains. I had no problem whatsoever with that idea.

DC Special # 14 was the next-to-last issue in the title's original 1968 to 1971 run; it returned in 1975, and we've already done a 100-page FAKE! of that "Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas" spotlight. (The original run ended with an all-Plastic Man issue that was just sublime.) Those final issues in '71 overlapped with the dawn of the 100-Page Super Spectaculars, so why not take this opportunity to make DC Special, y'know...spectacular?

To the original DC Special # 14 line-up of Superman versus The Toyman, The Flash versus Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and Batman and Robin versus The Penguin, we've added adventures starring Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Aquaman and The Atom, Doll Man, and The Star-Spangled Kid and Merry, Girl Of 1000 Gimmicks:

Superman vs The Toyman in "The Toyman's Castle!," Superman # 47 (July-August 1947)
Wonder Woman vs Dr. Poison (untitled), Sensation Comics # 2 (February 1942)
The Flash vs Captain Cold and Heat Wave in "The Heat Is On...For Captain Cold," The Flash # 140 (November 1963)
Plastic Man vs "United Crooks Of America," Police Comics # 7 (February 1942)
Aquaman and The Atom vs "Galg The Destroyer!," The Brave And The Bold # 73 (August-September 1967)
Doll Man vs The Flame (untitled), Doll Man # 28 (May 1950)
The Star-Spangled Kid and Merry, Girl Of 1000 Gimmicks vs The Rope in "The Adventures Of The Rope!," Star Spangled Comics # 83 (August 1948) Batman and Robin vs The Penguin in "The Bird Sayings Crimes!," World's Finest Comics # 55 (December 1951-January 1952)

Although the Boppinverse plays fast 'n' loose with real-world chronology, I resisted the temptation to include any stories starring the original Captain Marvel, a character DC wouldn't acquire for another year or so. Don't worry--we'll see Cap and the rest of The Marvel Family soon enough. All characters are copyright DC Comics Inc. The Plastic Man and Doll Man stories are public domain, while the rest can only be shown here in representative pages. I do share the whole 96-page shebang with my paid patrons.  Listen: we all know that DC is special. Let's put that in the title, and let's make it spectacular, too.


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