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Waterloo Sunset: A Compilation To Benefit THIS IS ROCK 'N' ROLL RADIO

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Futureman Records
COMPACT DISC: Kool Kat Musik

Immediately following the digital release of Waterloo Sunset--Benefit For This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio on Keith Klingensmith's Futureman Records label, we heard from Ray Gianchetti at Kool Kat Musik. Kool Kat Musik was the home of our last two This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio compilation CDs, and Ray wondered if he could be of further help to us with a CD release of Waterloo Sunset. A deal was struck, and Kool Kat Musik's Waterloo Sunset CD is due out soon, with a portion of its proceeds likewise going to prop up our rickety radio operation. Dana and I have been touched by this outpouring of support for whatever the hell it is that we do, and that got me to thinkin' about the debt we owe our friends and patrons. Below are the liner notes for Kool Kat Musik's CD release of Waterloo Sunset--Benefit For This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio. The CD is available for pre-order now.

Like a power pop Blanche DuBois, This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl has always relied on the kindness of strangers.

No, scratch that. Even though we've only met a few of our listeners and supporters over these last twenty years, they're not strangers; they're our friends. As humility-challenged as Dana and I remain, there's no way we could have lasted more than two decades if we couldn't get by with a little help from our friends. 

Waterloo Sunset is the latest manifestation of that help. Steve Stoeckel had an idea: gather some of this show's talented friends to record a stirring cover of The Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset," with proceeds from its sale benefiting SPARK!, the perpetually cash-strapped Syracuse community radio station that is home to TIRnRR. Out went the call, to one and to all, and Steve assembled his TIR'N'RR Allstars: Steve Stoeckel, Bruce Gordon, Joel Tinnel, Stacy Carson, Eytan Mirsky, Teresa Cowles, Irene Peña, Dan Pavelich, Keith Klingensmith, and Rich Firestone. Within a fast-paced timeline, these pop heroes crossed over the river, and we are in paradise. Keith Klingensmith suggested an expanded plan, and their "Waterloo Sunset" benefit single became this benefit compilation album Waterloo Sunset. Ray Gianchetti saw the digital release on Futureman Records, and also wanted to help out by releasing a CD version on his Kool Kat Musik label.

Everyone who was asked to help did so. Before Dana and I even knew about any of this, the Allstars had secured tracks from The Click Beetles, Pop Co-Op, Irene Peña, Vegas With Randolph, The Anderson Council, The Grip Weeds, Michael Slawter, The Armoires, Eytan Mirsky, Gretchen's Wheel, and Pacific Soul Ltd. We're so pleased, so grateful, and dammit, I think we may even be humbled.

Community radio supports independent artists. Independent artists support community radio. And we don't feel afraid. We do need our friends. Thank you, friends. God save our friends. 

Carl Cafarelli, July 2019

Although this project was a surprise gift to us, Dana & Carl are proud to have our names attached to it. Thanks to everyone, everyone, for makin' us feel like big shots. Sha la la!

This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio is hosted by Dana Bonn and Carl Cafarelli, Sunday nights 9 to Midnight Eastern, SPARK! WSPJ 103.3 and 93.7 FM in Syracuse, NY, Tax-deductible donations are always welcome at

1. TIR'N'RR ALLSTARS  Waterloo Sunset 3:37
2. THE CLICK BEETLES  If Not Now Then When (previously unreleased) 2:51 
3. EYTAN MIRSKY Flakes (previously unreleased) 2:23
4. VEGAS WITH RANDOLPH She's An Intellectual 3:51
5. POP CO-OP Ten Times Today (previously unreleased) 3:03
6. IRENE PEÑA Own Sweet Time (previously unreleased) 3:49
7. MICHAEL SLAWTER Any Other Way (previously unreleased) 4:05
8. GRETCHEN'S WHEEL Plans 3:29
9. THE GRIP WEEDS Infinite Soul [2019 Remix] 3:22 
10. THE ARMOIRES Responsible (Reuptake) 3:26
11. THE ANDERSON COUNCIL Are You Receiving Me? (previously unreleased) 3:06
12. PACIFIC SOUL LTD. We Go High 4:32

TIR'N'RR Allstars are Steve Stoeckel, Bruce Gordon, Joel Tinnel, Stacy Carson, Rich Firestone, Irene Peña, Eytan Mirsky, Dan Pavelich, Teresa Cowles, and Keith Klingensmith

Album artwork by Laura Tinnel

Thank you to all the artists who donated time and tracks!

And thank you to Dana Bonn, Carl Cafarelli, This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, and Spark Syracuse.

Support 'em all!
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Fans of pop music will want to check out Waterloo Sunset--Benefit For This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, a new pop compilation benefiting SPARK! Syracuse, the home of This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & CarlTIR'N'RR Allstars--Steve StoeckelBruce GordonJoel TinnelStacy CarsonEytan MirskyTeresa CowlesDan PavelichIrene Peña, Keith Klingensmith, and Rich Firestone--offer a fantastic new version of The Kinks' classic "Waterloo Sunset." That's supplemented by eleven more tracks (plus a hidden bonus track), including previously-unreleased gems from The Click BeetlesEytan MirskyPop Co-OpIrene PeñaMichael Slawter (covering The Posies), and The Anderson Council (covering XTC), a new remix of "Infinite Soul" by The Grip Weeds, and familiar TIRnRR Fave Raves by Vegas With RandolphGretchen's WheelThe Armoires, and Pacific Soul Ltd. Oh, and that mystery bonus track? It's exquisite. You need this. You're buying it! Download from Futureman, CD from Kool Kat Musik.
Hey, Carl's writin' a book! The Greatest Record Ever Made! (Volume 1) will contain 100 essays (and then some) about 100 tracks, plus two bonus instrumentals, each one of 'em THE greatest record ever made. An infinite number of records can each be the greatest record ever made, as long as they take turns. Updated initial information can be seen here: THE GREATEST RECORD EVER MADE! (Volume 1)
Our most recent compilation CD This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 4 is still available from Kool Kat Musik! 29 tracks of irresistible rockin' pop, starring Pop Co-OpRay PaulCirce Link & Christian NesmithVegas With Randolph Featuring Lannie FlowersThe SlapbacksP. HuxIrene PeñaMichael Oliver & the Sacred Band Featuring Dave MerrittThe RubinoosStepford KnivesThe Grip WeedsPopdudesRonnie DarkThe FlashcubesChris von SneidernThe Bottle Kids1.4.5.The SmithereensPaul Collins' BeatThe Hit SquadThe RulersThe Legal MattersMaura & the Bright LightsLisa Mychols, and Mr. Encrypto & the CyphersYou gotta have it, so order it here. A digital download version (minus The Smithereens' track) is also available from Futureman Records.

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