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Monday, March 27, 2017

This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio # 866: Let's Be The Beatles!

For this week's extra-fab edition of This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio with Dana & Carl, we welcomed back the one 'n' only Bruce Gordon for another installment of Let's Be The Beatles! Bruce believes that the popularity and influence of The Beatles was so vast and pervasive that each and every track the group released in the '60s inspired at least one imitation by another act. These are aren't covers of Beatles songs, but attempts to re-write Beatles songs and pass 'em off as (forgive the expression) Something New--attempts, in effect, to be The Beatles. Nifty concept, right? And it makes for compelling radio. 

For Volume 4 of Let's Be The Beatles, Bruce set his sights on the impact of Beatles For Sale, which I regard as the most underrated album in The Beatles' canon. Its American two-for counterparts, Beatles '65 and Beatles VI, were enormously important to me as a young rockin' pop fan, and my affection for them hasn't dimmed a bit over the ensuing decades. In fact, that period of Beatles music starting just before Beatles For Sale (i.e., A Hard Day's Night) through Revolver--mid 1964 through 1966--remains my all-time favorite run of pop music by anyone. So it was a thrill to witness Bruce put a mirror up to Beatles For Sale, and let those reflections sing for themselves. Sort of.

(Plus, it's always a pleasure to see Bruce anyway. We've been fans of his own nonpareil pop music as Mr. Encrypto since the beginning, and his current work as a member of Pop Co-Op has already produced your favorite album of 2017, Four State Solution. Bruce, in the words of The American Beatles: Gabba Gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us! We look forward to Bruce's eventual return to Syracuse for more Let's Be The Beatles!)

This week's show will be available for download soon. In the mean time, you can already grab Bruce's most recent previous TIRnRR/Let's Be The Beatles at http://westcottradio.org/archive/rock_n_roll_radio_2017-03-12.mp3, and you can read up on the concept at http://www.silentbugler.com/Lets_Be_The_Beatles/Contents.htm. But for now? Look below! This is what rock 'n' roll radio sounded like on a Sunday night in Syracuse this week.

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TIRnRR # 866: Let's Be The Beatles Vol. 4: Beatles Fire Sale 3/26/17 

THE BEATLES:  No Reply (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE SPONGETONES: Now You're Gone (Black Vinyl, Beat and Torn)
THE RASPBERRIES: Nobody Knows (Capitol Japan, Fresh Raspberries)
THE RED BUTTON: Hopes Up (Grimble, She's About To Cross My Mind)
STEREOLAB: Pack Yr Romantic Mind (Elektra, Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements)
THE BEATLES: I'm a Loser (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE MERRY GO ROUND: A Clown's No Good (Rev-Ola, Listen, Listen: The Definitive Collection)
LOS SHAKERS: Hear My Words (EMI, Shakers For You)
COTTON MATHER: Candy Lilac (Star Apple Kingdom, Death of the Cool)
THE BEATLES: Baby's in Black (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE: I Am On My Own (Epic, I Like It Like That)
THE MERRY GO ROUND: Gonna Fight the War (Rev-Ola, Listen, Listen: The Definitive Collection)
BUCK OWENS: Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass (Omnivore, Buck 'Em!)
THE BEATLES: Rock And Roll Music (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE SPONGETONES: Here I Go Again (Black Vinyl, Beat and Torn)
LIVERPOOL ECHO: Another Night Alone (Rev-Ola, Liverpool Echo)
THE BEATLES: I'll Follow the Sun (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE KINKS: So Long (Castle Music, Kinda Kinks)
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE: ‘Til The Right One Comes Along (Epic, Weekend in London)
THE BEE GEES: Follow The Wind (Festival, Brilliant From Birth)
THE FIVE AMERICANS: Now That It’s Over (Sundazed, Western Union)
THE ZOMBIES: A Love That Never Was (Big Beat, Zombie Heaven)
THE SPONGETONES: Always Carry On (Black Vinyl, Oh Yeah!)
THE MOVE: This Time Tomorrow (Repertoire, Looking On bonus track)
THE BEATLES: Mr. Moonlight (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE MOJOS: Forever (See For Miles, Liverpool 1963-1964 Volume 2)
THE REDCOATS: Love Unreturned (Dionysus, Meet the Redcoats - Finally!)
THE BEATLES: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE EASYBEATS: Today (Albert, Volume 3)
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD: Leave (Atco, Buffalo Springfield)
THE BEATLES: Eight Days a Week (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
UTOPIA: That's Not Right (Rhino, Deface the Music)
HUSKER DÜ: Hate Paper Doll (SST, Flip Your Wig)
BADFINGER: I’ll Be The One (Capitol, No Dice bonus track)
THE ROLLING STONES: I’m Free (London, Out of Our Heads)
THE BEATLES: Words of Love (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
CHAD & JEREMY: A Summer Song (World Artists, Summer's Gone)
THE TROGGS: I Don’t Know Why (Repertoire, Cellophane bonus track)
STEVE & THE BOARD: Rosemarie (Ascension, …And the Giggle Eyed Goo)
THE EASYBEATS: Too Much (Albert, It's 2 Easy)
THE BEE GEES: Cherry Red (Festival, Brilliant From Birth)
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS: 3 Cheers (Liberty, Rhythm of the Rain/Hayride)
THE BEATLES: Honey Don't (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE RASPBERRIES: Goin' Nowhere Tonight (Capitol Japan, Fresh Raspberries)
THE MERSEYBEATS: It Would Take A Long, Long Time (Bear Family, I Think of You - The Complete Recordings)
THE BEATLES: Every Little Thing (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE HOLLIES: Take Your Time (EMI, Would You Believe?)
THE MERRY GO ROUND: Had to Run Around (Rev-Ola, Listen, Listen: The Definitive Collection)
THE BEATLES: I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE TWILIGHTS: If She Finds Out (Raven, The Way They Played)
THE CRYAN' SHAMES: Bits and Pieces (Sundazed, Synthesis bonus track)
THE MASCOTS: Droopy Drops (Rock-in-Beat, Ellpee)
PINKERTON'S ASSORTED COLOURS: On A Street Car (Castle Music, Flight Recorder: From Pinkerton's Assorted Colours to The Flying Machine)
THE SHAKERS: Won't You Please (Audio Fidelity, Break It All)
CRAZY HORSE: Outside Lookin’ In (Reprise, At Crooked Lake)
THE BEATLES: What You're Doing (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
THE DOVERS: What Am I Gonna Do (Rhino, Nuggets Vol. 4)
NRBQ: That's Alright (Rounder, All Hopped Up)
REVOLVER: Where You Goin' (PVC, Radio Tokyo Tapes Vol. 3)
THE BEATLES: Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Apple, Beatles For Sale)
LOS WALKERS: Take My Hands and Tell Me (Electro Harmonix, Walking Up Con Los Walkers)

THE BEAU BRUMMELS: Woman (Sundazed, Volume 2)