Saturday, January 19, 2019

100-Page FAKES! presents: RIMA THE JUNGLE GIRL # 3

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Another issue of Rima The Jungle Girl brings more gorgeous artwork courtesy of Nestor Redondo, plus some nice work from Alex Niño on the Space Voyagers backup, all wrapped in a Joe Kubert cover. It makes for a pretty package. The words are presumably provided by Robert Kanigher, and it would not break my heart to see this all collected in a trade paperback. A pretty paperback!

For reprints to expand this into a faux 100-pagers, we'll go back to the Golden Age for a few adventure strips featuring female leads. Lady Danger, an obscure back up strip from Sensation Comics, appeared in both of our previous 100-Page FAKE! editions of Rima, so why not go for a third? She's joined here by another Sensation backup (Astra, Girl Of The Future), plus Overland Coach from the pages of All-American Western.

While those were all backup features, both Nyoka The Jungle Girl and Moon Girl starred in their own titles, from Fawcett Comics and EC Comics respectively. The real-world DC Comics never held the rights to either character, but it's close enough for the Boppinverse! We've thrown in an unpublished Moon Girl cover as a bonus pinup. 

Rima the Jungle Girl in "Rio Lama," Rima The Jungle Girl # 3 (August-September 1974)
Nyoka the Jungle Girl in "The Peace Plant!," Nyoka The Jungle Girl # 3 (Spring 1946)
Moon Girl and The Prince in "Rockets For Riches!," Moon Girl # 3 (Spring 1948)
Overland Coach starring Tony Barrett in "The Bushwacked Baggage!," All-American Western # 124 (February-March 1952)
Lady Danger in "The Triple Threat!," Sensation Comics # 88 (April 1949)
Astra, Girl Of The Future in "The Port Of Missing Space Ships!," Sensation Comics # 102 (March-April 1951)
Space Voyagers in "The Hot Spot," Rima The Jungle Girl # 3 (August-September 1974)

All characters copyright their respective owners.  The Nyoka story is now public domain; I suspect the rest of the '40s and '50s material used here is also PD, but we'll play it safe and only depict this bounty of comic-book goodness via representative sample pages. I share the entire package with my subscribers. This issue was a lot of fun to assemble, so I betcha will be returning to Rima's world again soon.

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