Wednesday, February 20, 2019

100-Page FAKES! presents: DETECTIVE COMICS # 453

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Our next fabricated 100-page edition of Detective Comics presents part two of writer David V. Reed's Bronze Age 'Tec debut, continued from the previous issue. The events of this story are so cataclysmic, so shocking, that even legendary Detective editor Julius Schwartz can be seen on this cover, reacting with appropriate horror and dismay. Don't worry, Julie! It's only a comic book.

Our reprint selections include another story from DC's short-lived (but wonderful!) 1970 Hot Wheels title, with more awe-inspiring Alex Toth artwork and some early work by future superstar comics writer Len Wein. A Golden Age Captain Marvel reprint would have been more likely in the pages of Shazam! rather than Detective Comics in the '70s, but I'm in charge here. I call the shots! I run the show! I'm the freakin' blogger! The World's Mightiest Mortal's tussle with Mr. Atom prompted me to also dig out a Captain Atom story from '67. 

The 1966 Batman and Robin story comes from Batman # 184, the first issue of Batman I ever owned. At a grocery store in Aurora, Missouri that summer, my mother told me she would give me the princely sum of twelve cents to buy one comic book. One, Carl! I saw Batman # 184 on the spinner rack, and tried to decide between that, Tales To Astonish # 84 (with Sub-Mariner and The Incredible Hulk), and Justice League Of America # 47 (starring Batman and, like, armies of superheroes, a team-up of the JLA with The Justice Society Of America). Sophie's choice! Mom said to get the Batman and be done with it already.

I picked up the Tales To Astonish about a week later at a feed store in Verona, MO; I didn't get the JLA until the '70s. But I got it! 

The Batman in "The Deadly Web Of The Crime Exchange!," Detective Comics # 453 (November 1975)
Hot Wheels in "Eye Of The Storm," Hot Wheels # 4 (September-October 1970)
The Batman and Robin in "Mystery Of The Missing Manhunters!," Batman # 184 (September 1966)
"Captain Marvel Meets Mr. Atom," Captain Marvel Adventures # 78 (November 1947)
"Captain Atom Meets Thirteen," Captain Atom # 89 (December 1967)
The Elongated Man in "The Case Of The Reverse-Pickpocket!," Detective Comics # 453 (November 1975)

Hot Wheels remains the property of Mattel, Inc., and all other characters are copyright DC Comics Inc., and can be shown here in representative samples; I share the whole book with my subscribers. I think we're going to trade off 100-Page FAKE! issues of Detective Comics and Adventure Comics for a little longer, with an eye toward eventually doing more faux expansions of The Shadow, Rima The Jungle Girl, Justice Inc., The Sandman, The Phantom, All-Star Comics, and..well, we'll see. For now, please enjoy this alternate-world edition of Detective Comics.


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