Wednesday, February 13, 2019

100-Page FAKES! presents: ADVENTURE COMICS # 445

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Another day, another Adventure! Specifically, it's a faux 100-page expansion of Adventure Comics # 445 from 1976, starring Aquaman and The Creeper. This was The Creeper's first appearance in Adventure; the character was created by Spider-Man's co-creator Steve Ditko, and debuted in Showcase # 73 (March-April 1968). The Creeper's subsequent solo title lasted only six issues from 1968-69, but he managed occasional guest appearances in The Brave And The Bold (co-starring with Batman), Justice League Of America, Detective ComicsThe Joker, and Super-Team Family (the latter teaming with Wildcat, establishing the existence of an Earth-1 Wildcat outside of the continuity-averse pages of The Brave And The Bold). Somewhere in there, Ditko returned to his creation for The Creeper's solo spotlight in First Issue Special # 7 (October 1975), but Ditko did not participate in The Creeper's adventures in Adventure.

Our reprint additions include a 1970 Hot Wheels backup and a Ditko lead story from 1967's The Blue Beetle # 4, plus a Golden Age Justice Society of America story that had not yet been reprinted in our mundane real-world version of 1975-76. It would have seemed an obvious choice to include somewhere; "5 Drowned Men!" from 1947's All-Star Comics # 36 was the only time Superman and Batman ever participated in a JSA case. In fact, other than a cameo appearance in All-Star Comics # 7, it was the first time the world's finest heroes had ever jointly participated in any comics story; they'd teamed up on radio's The Adventures Of Superman, and both appeared as symbolic co-stars on every cover of World's Finest Comics (and never in the same story within), but outside of the above-mentioned All-Star cameo, they had not been seen together inside a comic book. And they wouldn't appear together again until the landmark story "The Mightiest Team In The World!" in 1952's Superman # 76. With World's Finest Comics # 94 in 1958, they finally began teaming up on a regular basis. From small things, mama, big things one day come.

All-Star Comics # 7
Aquaman in "Toxxin's Raiders," Adventure Comics # 445 (May-June 1976)
The Justice Society of America in "5 Drowned Men!," All-Star Comics # 36 (August-September 1947)
Hot Wheels in "The Raid Of The Red Baron," Hot Wheels # 3 (July-August 1970)
The Blue Beetle in "The Men Of The Mask!," Blue Beetle # 4 (December 1967)
The Creeper in "Deadly Medicine," Adventure Comics # 445 (May-June 1976)

Hot Wheels remain Mattel Inc.'s toys, while all other dollies and dishes belong to DC Comics Inc. The Blue Beetle story is now public domain, while the rest can only be suggested here; my subscribers get to see the whole thing. Once more: ADVENTURE!

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