Thursday, September 27, 2018

100-Page FAKES! presents: RIMA THE JUNGLE GIRL # 2

100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Our previous 100-Page FAKES! edition of Rima The Jungle Girl # 1 filled its reprint selections with tales starring various female leads from the DC archives. This time out, we're also mixing in a little bit of space opera to complement Space Voyagers, the Alex Niño-drawn series that appeared as Rima's backup strip. Specifically, I wanted to bring in the first appearances of Captain Atom (the Joe Gill-Steve Ditko hero DC acquired from Charlton Comics) and Ultra the Multi-Alien, the indescribably goofy character that ran briefly in mid-'60s issues of Mystery In Space.

For the rest, we raided the vault to score a vintage Phantom Lady story (originally published by Fox, but here presumed to be part of DC's purchase of the character from Quality Comics), the debut of Angel And The Ape, and another adventure starring Lady Danger, the undeservedly obscure character who ran as one of Wonder Woman's backup strips in Sensation Comics in the late '40s. That left just enough room for four pages of hijinks starring Sheldon Mayer's Scribby and The Red Tornado. Rima drawn by Nestor Redondo, Phantom Lady drawn by Matt Baker, and Angel O'Day drawn by Bob Oksner contribute to a gorgeously spectacular collection.

Rima the Jungle Girl in "Flight From Eden," Rima The Jungle Girl # 2 (June-July 1974)
Phantom Lady (untitled), Phantom Lady # 13 (August 1947)
"Angel And The Ape," Showcase # 77 (September 1968)
Scribbly & The Red Tornado (untitled), All-American Comics # 45 (December 1942)
Lady Danger in "The Needle In The Haystack!," Sensation Comics # 87 (March 1949)
Captain Atom in "Introducing Captain Atom," Space Adventures # 33 (March 1960)
"Ultra The Multi-Alien," Mystery In Space # 103 (November 1965)
Space Voyagers in "The Delta Brain," Rima The Jungle Girl # 2 (June-July 1974)

Everything here is copyright DC Comics Inc. The Phantom Lady and Captain Atom stories are now public domain, and I betcha the Lady Danger stuff is, too. We're throwing in the four-page Scribbly and Red Tornado as fair use; the rest can only be shown here in representative pages. I share the whole package with my paid subscribers. I love all of these 100-Page FAKES!, and this one is fun 'n' frolicsome, I think. To the jungle!


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