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100-Page FAKES! imagines mid-1970s DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars that never were...but should have been!

Having already gutted the real-world version of World's Finest Comics # 245 in our previous edition of 100-Page FAKES!, we still have about two-thirds of that comic book's then-new 1977 material in need of a home. Well! We'll use the Wonder Woman and Vigilante stories right here, in a wholly fabricated comic we'll call Sensation Comics 100-Page Super Spectacular.

Sensation Comics had been the first ongoing home for the Amazon Princess, immediately following her 1941 debut as a one-off surprise bonus feature in All Star Comics # 8, and commencing prior to the start of her own solo title in 1942. Wonder Woman was the cover feature in Sensation Comics # 1-106 (1942-1951), and then evicted when the book became a mystery title (eventually renamed Sensation Mystery). 

Sensation was an anthology title, like Action Comics, Detective Comics, Adventure Comics, Star Spangled Comics, More Fun Comics, All-American Comics, Flash Comics, and a zillion other titles from all publishers during the Golden Age of comics. Wildcat was the best-known character among WW's many Sensation support strips, a list that includes The Black Pirate, Mr. Terrific, The Gay Ghost (renamed "The Grim Ghost" in '70s reprints), Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys, Sargon the Sorcerer, Willy Nilly, Lady Danger, Streak the Wonder Dog, Dr. Pat, Romance Inc., and Astra, Girl Of The Future over the course of its long run. 

As I recall, there were only two 100-Page issues of Wonder Woman published during the time of the Super Specs, and there was never an 80-Page Giant or similar WW reprint collection prior to that. Let this be our imaginary correction to that inequity.

Wonder Woman's stories in World's Finest circa 1977 were set in World War II, reflecting the milieu of the TV series starring Lynda Carter. So we'll supplement that story with a couple of Golden Age WW adventures, and supplement those with Wonder Woman's 1970 appearance in The Adventures Of Jerry Lewis. Wonder LAAAAAAAAAYdeeeeee...!!

I wish there was sufficient interest in The Vigilante to prompt DC to collect all of Vig's Silver and Bronze Age appearances. For today's exercise, Gray Morrow's gorgeous Vigilante artwork from WF # 245 is joined by a 1973 Vigilante story from Adventure Comics, lovingly rendered by Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano. A few pinups of Lynda Carter in costume complete the book.

Wonder Woman in "Hell On Skis," World's Finest Comics # 245 (June-July 1977)
Jerry Lewis and Wonder Woman in "Jerry Meets The New Wonder Woman!," The Adventures Of Jerry Lewis # 117 (March-April 1970)
Wonder Woman in "Wonder Woman Is Dead!," Sensation Comics # 13 (January 1943)
The Vigilante in "The Slaying Town!," Adventure Comics # 427 (April-May 1973)
Wonder Woman in "Flaming Fury," Comic Cavalcade # 15 (June-July 1946)
The Vigilante in "The Plague Makers!," World's Finest Comics # 245 (June-July 1977)

Jerry Lewis was an actual person--no, really!--and all other characters are copyright DC Comics Inc. While we can only show sample pages here, I share the whole book with my subscribers. It will take one more phony 100-pager to complete this World's Finest tangent, so keep watching the skies as the arrow flies and the canary cries; 100-Page FAKES! will return with Green Arrow And The Black Canary # 1.


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