Thursday, December 24, 2020


An infinite number of songs can each be THE greatest record ever made, as long as they take turns. I like that idea so much I'm writing a book about it. And I'm promoting that book with a weekly video series, discussing each of the book's chosen tracks one by one.

For this Christmas week, we're taking a quick break from songs discussed in the book, and jumping to a holiday song: "Riu Chiu" by The Monkees. "Riu Chiu" is a Golden Oldie, dating back to 16th century Spain; The Monkees performed it live as an a cappella number on an episode of their TV series ("The Christmas Show," originally broadcast on December 25th, 1967). Their performance is riveting, jaw-dropping, and if you've never seen the clip, go watch it nowThen check out my rant on its behalf:

Chilling, and magnificent. Merry Christmas, Monkees!

If you dig whatever the hell it is I'm doing in these weekly videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. NEXT WEEK: Back to the book! We kick 2020 to the curb with our hope for better things to come: Brother Eytan Mirsky, and "This Year's Gonna Be Our Year." For now: whatever season you celebrate, whether it's a holiday on the calendar or the promise of a new day, we wish you the merriest.

THIS WEEK'S VIDEO: The Monkees, "Riu Chiu"

GREM! # 9: Patti Smith, "Gloria"

GREM! # 8: Big Mama Thornton, "Hound Dog"

GREM! # 7: Elvis Presley, "Heartbreak Hotel"

GREM! # 6The Sex Pistols,"God Save The Queen"

GREM! # 5: Dusty Springfield,"I Only Want To Be With You"

GREM! # 4: Chuck Berry, "Promised Land"

GREM! # 3: Baron Daemon and the Vampires, "The TransylvaniaTwist"

GREM! # 2: Badfinger, "Baby Blue"

GREM! # 1: The Ramones, "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?"


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